People Are Furious About Trump’s Ignorant Tweet Against Pakistan

President of the United States of America Donald Trump started off his 2018 with what he does best – angry tweeting.

His first tweet in 2018 was about Pakistan. A tweet that brought a lot of strong responses from Pakistanis and others. Be it anger, trolling, or just plain old putting the hyper-tweeting American President in his place, it garnered quite the response.

Here is his tweet:

Pakistanis were quick to let Donald Trump know it was United States’ failure that they haven’t been able to get results in Afghanistan. They made sure that world knows Pakistan won’t be a scapegoat to the policy fiascoes of America.

#DonaldTrump is currently trending on top in Pakistan Twitter trends.

Let’s take a look at how Pakistani Twitter handled the tweet.

It might not be totally out of place to call him that:

No more ‘Do More’, a Pakistani General made it known:

This Hasan Ali fan was having none of Trump’s threats:

A Pakistani journalist summed up Trump’s hypocrisy with only one tweet:

On a lighter note. This user gave life to a dead meme.

Watch out for the future.

Sheikh Sahab also had his say:

Point to ponder.

Even Pakistani Senators had enough of Trump’s bullying:

If Trump wants to turn the guns towards someone, it should be him.

You won’t find any gold here:

This user might just have figured out whats wrong with Trump:

Some tweeters also pointed out the fact that Pakistan didn’t rely on America completely for its military operations:

Do we need a Trump of our own?

Did we miss any significant reactions to Trump’s tweet? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Trump is behaving like that thankless woman who after giving birth to 10 kids still complain about her husband This man never gave me true love.

  • We (Pakistan) should start squeezing them via imposing strictly restrictions, against using our SeaPort for their supply line Afghanistan, so that the pain goes to there back and they start feeling our importance.

    Muslims all around the world are getting killed by these bastards, we are furious on a lot more things too…

  • For the last 50 years or so USA has been playing with the World by Planting its own choices as their leaders whether as Military Dictators or “Democratic” Leaders now its time for us 3rd World to sit back and laugh at the USA as they have themselves chosen an idoit and physcopath to be THEIR Leader who will do to the USA what CIA did to Russia in Afghanistan.

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