Mosques in KPK to Run On Solar Power

Mosques in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) are about to get a modern upgrade.

As part of KP’s plans to reduce its dependence on electricity supplied by traditional power plants, the provincial government is planning to power its mosques with solar energy.

According to a statement issued on Tuesday, Chief Minister Pervez Khattak issued the directives to put mosques on solar power throughout the province.

The orders were issued in a meeting that was arranged at the Chief Minister Secretariat regarding the project of electrifying mosques.

People generally come to the mosque 5 times a day to offer their prayers. During summer, loadshedding ensures that even the mosques are without power at times.

Thus, KPK government’s focus on renewable energy is meant to help decrease the mass consumption of electricity from non-renewable sources and provide their visitors with an alternative in case loadshedding occurs.

In the meeting, Chief Minister Khattak was briefed about the process of converting mosques to rely on solar power by Secretary Energy Engr. Mohammad Naeem.

He was told that the contract would be awarded to the most suitable power company by the end this month and the project of electrifying mosques with solar power will be completed by the end of May.

Lastly, the relevant officials were directed by the Chief Minister to keep the head of Strategic Support Unit, Sahibzada Saeed, and his Principle Secretary updated with the progress.

He ordered concerned officials to strictly monitor the project and ensure its timely completion.

He maintained that the implementation must be done within the mentioned timeslot to provide the Namazis with a proper alternative in case loadshedding continues in the summer season.

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