88% Karachiites List Cleanliness as the City’s Biggest Problem: Survey

Land encroachments, target killing and the extortion mafia, Karachi has faced more than its fair share of problems in the past few years. The law and order situation however, has improved in the city in certain respects these days.

Pollution is The Biggest Problem

Citizens of Karachi were recently asked to identify the biggest issue that they are facing right now. According to a survey by Gallup Pakistan, 88% citizens of Karachi thinks pollution and unhygienic conditions need to be addressed urgently.

If that wasn’t enough, Karachiites also had something to say about who is to blame for this current state of affairs.

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Survey and Key Findings

Some key figures that come out of this survey are as follows:

  • 88% of Karachi’s inhabitants believe the city’s biggest problem is pollution.
  • From those surveyed,
    • only 6% are “mostly satisfied” with government’s performance,
    • 35% are “somewhat satisfied”,
    • while 29% are “dissatisfied” with how government has performed during its tenure.
  • Has the city’s situation improved or worsened?
    • 32% believe that the overall situation in the city has improved,
    • 42% say it has gotten worse.
  • People also graded the performance of the Mayor of Karachi, Waseem Akhtar,
    • 39% of the respondents were satisfied with the Mayor’s performance
    • 32% of the respondents were not so happy about it.

In 2016, Karachi was among top 5 most polluted cities in the world. Move on to 2017 and it was ranked 3rd among the most polluted cities of Asia, with the air being rated at PM2.5, with a very high concentration of pollutants.

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  • Who are those 6% who are mostly satisfied with the Sindh government’s performance?

    32% believe the situation in city has improved. Well, if laying new roads over already built ones and a few flyovers count in the ‘improved’ category, they were going to do that anyway because the end of tenure is approaching and they need something to boast about.

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