Remembering Zubaida Aapa: 10 Timeless ‘Totkas’ By Her That Make Our Lives Better

The great Zubaida Aapa’s death left the nation in mourning. She may have passed but her popular and widely used house remedies, or more commonly known totkas will live on and get utilized in Pakistani households for generations.

Her cooking shows are one of the best – the shows not only gave the best cooking tips but clever house remedies as well which the viewers could enjoy and apply in their daily lives. Here are some of the most popular totkas:

1) Ridding Your House of Bed Bugs

The steps are simple; if you have a bed bug problem, then you should make sure that your house gets sunlight. Keeping the curtains open for as long as daylight lasts is a great idea. Along with maintaining good sunlight, you can also place kerosene oil-dipped cotton pieces close to the bed-bug infested areas on your furniture.

2) Countering Rainy Season Dampness

Moisture in rainy season is a common problem in Pakistani households as it causes dampness in the walls resulting in pealing paint, fungus, and leaking from walls. Check out how Zubaida Aapa counters it.

3) Getting Soft, Dry Hair

Who would have thought that a little bit of lemon juice and a spoonful of olive oil could easily get you shiny and healthy hair? The answer is simple – Zubaida Aapa!

4) Bug-Proofing Your Kitchen

Salt and turmeric can be used to keep insects, especially ants out of the kitchen. It can be sprinkled on the stove or potential bug-areas such as kitchen counters and drawers.

5) Treating Dark Circles

Mashed potatoes can be used instead of olive oil to get rid of dark circles – yes, you read that right, mashed potatoes.

6) Making Quality Yoghurt at Home

Apparently, your oven can be used for making yoghurt as well.

7) Ridding Kids’ Hair of Lice

Simple and effective, tulsi leaves combined with any hair oil works perfectly.

8) Losing Weight

A simple weight-loss regime by Zubaida Aapa – easy to use and easy to add into your daily routine.

9) Easy Pedicure at Home

Who needs to spend ridiculous amounts at parlours when you can get a better pedicure at home?

10) Treating Dandruff Problems

A mouthwash for a hair-related problem? Didn’t see that coming.

  • Allah Pak Marhoom Ko Jannat-Ul-Firdous Mai Ala Tareen Muqam Ata Farma Or Un K Tamam Ghar Walon Ko Sabar-e-Jameel Ata Farma, Ameen!

  • Zubaida Apa was truly an inspiration! May her soul rest in eternal peace, and give patience to her family to go through this tough phase of their life.

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