These Are the Only Safe Milk Brands to Use in Pakistan [Updated]

Last year, keeping the health and safety of public in mind, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) collected the samples of UHT/Tetra Pack milk products in March, August, and December, respectively.

The PFA sent those samples to ISO-17025 Certified Laboratories SGS, PCSIR and Intertek in order to check the quality of boxed milk on the basis of chemical, biological, and physical perimeters.

The laboratories conducted the analysis of various brands based on the following categories:

  1. UHT milk samples
  2. Samples of pasteurized milk

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Below is the list of milk brands which passed the testing.

Natural Pasteurised Category

  • Anhaar Milk
  • Daily Dairy
  • Doce Milk
  • Gourmet Milk
  • Nutrivo Milk
  • Achaa Milk
  • Adams Milk
  • Malmo Milk
  • Prema Milk
  • Pack Fresh

UHT/ Tetra Brands

  • Haleeb
  • Olpers
  • Nurpur Milk
  • Nestle Milk Pack
  • Nestle Nesveta
  • Day Fresh
  • Good Milk
PFA claimed that “these milk brands are safe for consumption.”

The report said that PFA will be conducting four or more similar sample tests in 2018 too. The authority will forward the samples to ISO Certified Testing Labs whenever required.

The Punjab Food Authority warned the milk selling companies to follow international standards while processing the milk, otherwise, stern actions will be taken against them.

The report also advised the public to prefer processed UHT/tetra pack milk over local and open milk to avoid possible health issues.

  • Emraan Hashmi

    Tau Peechay Rah Kaunsa Brand Gya ? Sabhi Tau Pass Hogaye..

    • Wolverine

      Tarang, Tea Max, Dairy Omung.

      • Arsalan

        Tea Max and Tarang are tea whiteners and not milk. That’s why they weren’t included in these tests.

      • Aatif Azio

        Never use TEA Whiteners. buhet dangerous hain woh. They are not made up of MILK lol

  • continuedhere

    >The report also advised the public to prefer processed
    UHT/tetra pack milk over local and open milk to avoid possible health

    PFA advises people to buy packaged milk while finance ministry discourages its consumption through taxes on its sale. Left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

  • Harris

    What do you mean by ONLY, what’s left behind??

    • Kashif

      Tarang, Tea Max, Dairy Omung, Dairy Pure, Everyday

      • Dan

        These are not milk, if you read, these are either dairy drinks or tea whitener, if the writer can give us the link which brands were tested

  • Asim

    Sub Golmal hai

    • AbdulB1

      Land of impure

  • Syed Athar Abbas

    bik gae hai gormint gormint ma kuch nae raha

  • Anis Khan

    Great to see how in-natural and full chemical milk is healthy for the human.. bik gai hay gomint..

  • imran


  • Rashideen

    How list is going on long ?? On which bases your are claiming these all brands are safe. Initially only few brands declared safe by SCP.

  • Rashideen

    In Natural Pasteurised Category only Prema milk was declared safe and healthy for human use.

  • Wolverine

    O bhai tum log ghalat information Q detay ho? Pasteurized category mein sirf Prema pass hua hai.

    • Aatif Azio

      Yes, PREMA is best to drink. woh 2017 main Supreme Court se pass hua tha.

  • Aatif Azio

    Supreme Court ne 2017 Jan/Feb main jo report di thi. According to that, Only PREMA was safest Milk to drink in “Pasteurized Category”. Main tu PREMA hi use karta hon tab se