Toyota Pakistan Teases Camry 2018 Hybrid at a Small Event

In a soft event, the Indus Motors Company (IMC) unveiled their upcoming Toyota Camry 2018 hybrid. Only some dealers and limited press officials were invited to the event.

Toyota Indus usually imports parts and vehicles from Toyota Thailand – this time though, its expected that the new Camry will come from Japan because its not available in Thailand. This also indicates that the new Camry will have a full-hybrid drivetrain because there aren’t any non-hybrid Camry’s in Japan.

Hoping that the Camry launching in Pakistan is similar to the one in Japan, it should have a 2.5L engine. The details are still uncertain, but seeing international variants – the full optioned Camry might also come with a panoramic sunroof.

Some pictures from the event:

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018


Camry has a pleasing design – the front end is slightly different from the base non-hybrid variant, the hybrid one has an alternative grille going all the way from left to right. The curvy frontal bends not only add into the aerodynamic functionality but also add into the aesthetic sporty look.


The elegant interior design is pretty much self-explanatory – redesigned front seats with improved ergonomics paired with advanced technology take comfort and performance to another level. It also comes with modern ambient lighting to set the mood straight.

Price and Availability

According to rumors, the price is expected to be around;:

  • Camry Hybrid (full options): Rs. 8,499,000/- ex factory
  • Camry Hybrid (base): Rs. 8,299,000/- ex factory

The available colors for the upcoming Camry are:

  • Silver metallic
  • Platinum Pearl white
  • Dark Blue
  • Attitude Black
  • Steel Blonde
  • Emotional Red

Toyota Indus still hasn’t confirmed the release date and its uncertain whether they will take advance bookings for now.

  • So….. in other words, I’ll be waiting for 20 years just to have enough money to buy it. K. Cool.

  • If the expected pricing mentioned here is true, it will be an absolute rip off and considered looting Pakistani public. 2018 Base model starts at only $24,500 in US.

    • yeah! i don’t understand how can this be. even with all the taxes and plus more it shouldn’t go beyond 4 million PKR. everything is overpriced here, even mehran.

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