HTC’s Vive Pro is its Most Premium VR Headset Yet

HTC has unveiled a better and more comfortable variant of its Vive virtual reality (VR) headset, with the launch of the new Vive Pro.

The headset, as HTC is hoping, will raise the industry standards as a whole, (much like the original Vive).

An Improved Design

Design-wise, the new Vive Pro doubles down on comfort, with a redesigned headstrap for better balance and comfort, as well as a sizing dial for better weight distribution.

There’s also a built-in headphone for the first time, which means one less cable to worry about while using the headset. The design features blue, which is a clear differentiator from the original headset.

Immersive Experience

The dual-OLED viewing panels themselves come with a better resolution of 2880 x 1200 (or 605 ppi), rather than 1080 x 1200, which represents a 78% increase in clarity.

On the outside, there are two cameras now, twice as many as the original, which would allow developers more freedom. There’s also support for up to four base stations, which increases the playing field to 10 x 10 meters.

The audio is boosted by a built-in amplifier and 3D audio, which should result in an enhanced experience. Two microphones with active noise cancellation will cover the recording side.

The new Vive will be backwards compatible with the SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0 tracking platforms.

New Wireless Adapter

Finally, HTC unveiled a new wireless adapter for all of its headsets that uses Intel’s WiGig technology to provide a truly cord-free experience for the Vive. Pricing details are not known for the adapter, which’ll be available this Summer.

The standalone Vive Pro headset will be put on sale this quarter, though, pricing is yet to be announced. Also, the existing Vive headset will be on sale at least till the end of 2018. HTC didn’t spill the beans on its previously-announced standalone Vive headset however.

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