KP Govt to Pay Monthly Stipends Worth Billions to Imams at Major Mosques

Starting from February 2018, prayer leaders of main mosques will be paid Rs 10,000 a month by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government .

Annually, the cumulative stipends will cost the KPK government a hefty Rs 3.25 billion.

Cabinet Meeting

The decision was approved during the KPK cabinet meeting which was attended by Chief Minister Pervez Khattak himself. Several other ministers, administrative secretaries and chief secretary were among the attendees of this cabinet meeting.

Qualification Needed to Earn the Stipend

There are several conditions that need to be fulfilled before an Imam can earn money through KPK government’s program.

These requirements are:

  • The prayer leader must hold a degree from any of 5 recognized Boards of seminaries.
  • The person needs to be a permanent citizen of KPK to be eligible for the stipend.
  • A district level committee will decide which mosques qualify as the main mosques and which prayer leaders are eligible for the stipend.

According to the approved bill, the stipend will be transferred directly to a prayer leader’s bank account.

A Mosque committee will also be established that will oversee the daily routine of activities in their premises. In case the leader gets changed, the mosque committee will nominate a new leader in their place whose appointment will be subject to the final approval of head of district committee.

The cabinet also approved a new cultural policy that will aim to promote regional art, languages, literature, sports, culture, lok virsa. The new cultural policy also aims to promote regional activities through cultural delegates exchange at both the national and international level.

  • Billions doesnt matter, I feel shame to pay Rs 10,000 for such a Honor full person, which is considerably below even from lowest payable official!!!!!!!(16000+)

    • Even then it’s a good initiative since it is a stipend not salary…. They will keep getting the rest as they were

  • this’s a good initiative in all aspect. also the local gov should strictly regulate new mosques approval for the places.

  • It’s a great initiative. Though they deserve much more, but at least we have started to recognize them as integral part of society from government level.

  • KPK government must monitor the Imam and their madarsas for spreading extremism, Introduce curriculum and keep an eye on the activities initiated by the religious house on a whole…

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