National University of Technology to be Established Under the Leadership of Army Chief

The Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology approved “The National University of Technology Bill, 2017” to establish the first of its kind university with the Chief of Army Staff as the ex officio chairman of the board of governors of the varsity.

The committee which met with Osman Saifullah Khan in the chair, approved the bill with amendments envisaging regulating and certifying technical skill development in affiliated institutes to make it responsive to the current and future needs of the industry and prospective opportunities offered by China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The committee proposed amendments in the process of appointment of rector of the university, which would be appointed through a search committee. The university would resume academic activities from September 2018.

The committee was appraised that technical and skilled manpower is the backbone and driving force for the economic development of a nation, particularly in industrial and defense sectors and prospects thereto in the 21st century. In economically developed countries, knowledge-based and technological education is of particular importance. However, in Pakistan, technological education sector has generally remained ignored and under-developed.

To serve the purpose, a bill for the establishment of National University of Technology (NUTECH) was drafted through inter-ministerial consultation and forwarded to the cabinet for its approval in principle.

The cabinet considered the recommendations of the Cabinet Committee for the Disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC) in its meeting held on 06-02-2017, and accorded approval in principle to the draft Bill for the establishment of NUTECH.

After the approval, the NUTECH bill was forwarded to Law and Justice Division for vetting. The Law Division vetted the bill and the amendments proposed by the Law Division were incorporated accordingly.

A summary on the NUTECH bill was again forwarded to the cabinet, for the approval of its introduction in the Parliament. Following the approval of the cabinet, the NUTECH bill was then forwarded to the Parliamentary Affairs Division, through Law Justice & Human Rights Division, for its introduction in the National Assembly.

The NUTECH Bill 2017 was passed by the National Assembly on November 20, 2017 and was transmitted to the Senate on December 04, 2017.

The NUTECH Bill was introduced in the Senate, in its sitting held on December 12, 2017, by the federal minister for science & technology. The chairman Senate referred it to the Standing Committee on Science & Technology for consideration and report.

Senator Azam Swati said that fake degree awarding institutions are looting the public. The minister for science and technology said that with the NUTECH, all skilled institutions would be affiliated with it and it would enable to overcome the issue of fake degrees and diplomas.

Taking notice of allegations of embezzlement in National Testing Service (NTS) and PSQCA, the committee decided to take the issues on agenda of the coming meetings where all the people concerned would be invited.

Senator Sardar Fateh Muhammad said that appointments through illegal ways by the NTS have been reported and a state minister has also resigned on the issue. The matters may thoroughly be investigated, Swati seconded Fateh Muhammad.

      • How do you define “good”? Dont ignore this question please. Who shall decide the benchmark?

        What are the existing univs and professors doing besides siphoning off millions in garb of (sham) research? Is that why we need more universities?

        Shortage is that of schools. Isnt it? Even more so, of good mothers. Our inept and evasive mothers and schools are turning kids into thumka firing manorajan delicacies. How do you expect a great nation out of them no matter the number of Martian universities you bring to earth?

        Qatar has a collection of ‘good’ universities. What difference did that make?
        Oh, and US. Man o man. That progressed nation chose trump to be their president. All their universities and professors could not turn the tide.

        Einstein was great only because he had no university to waste his time and potential. He had it figured out decades ago :)

      • Shortage of GOOD universities and shortage of universities are two different things. This is what my point is, why can’t they improve the existing universities. Every university built has this same slogan “we want to build a high class university that will beat the crap out of american universities”. My foot.

    • Have you ever been into one? Only a Stupid would object building a university, or you r from Nihari League and wana build an underpass?

      • Kid go to school please or play your politics game somewhere else. I have MS electrical engineering degree.

        • Come on Waleed, you can do better than this :p

          Let them build a university, underpass or whatever the heck they want to, this is how it is…
          Ours is the nation, which votes (the politicians) if roads in their area were built….

          P.S. Though I can’t deny the fact that building a new one won’t make much of an impact until we aren’t improving the way universities are administrated….

          P.S.S. You can change everything except the nation’s mind, it takes centuries for a change to come…

          P.S.S.S #HaveFaithChangeWillCome, Pewasta Reh Shajar Sy, Umeed e Bahar Rakh

          • Yes administration, management, planning is what is required and they are building university after university in each and every corner of the street. Nust is under their control but no it is not good so build another one to create more jobless professionals. (some time i think this is their population control so more suicides can be committed).

        • So u did your MS from Gali k Nukkar wala college? Dreamer, as people grow more uni are needed..
          P.S All these asking what difference does it make etc. You guys praise Sasti Rooti schemes only?

          • Pathetic mind, still not getting what is the point here just trolling…sasti rooti, gali k nukkar, full of political crap mind. people grow. stfu.

      • Bilal bhai, not every N league supporter is a Nihari lover. There are many well educated supporters of N league. It’s just that the non-N minded think that N is backed up by illiterate people.

    • A good period was started when HEC was headed by Professor Ataur Rehman but later on 18th Amandment came from Zardari and the fund was then transferred to SIND GOVT for later on transferring to DUBAI ZARDARI FUND and also other Public Funds were transferred to DUBAI and thus rampant Corruption began by PPP.

      • Wrong. That sham doc was throwing money everywhere. Pompous inept people went abroad on government money and took place of deserving students. So, those universities withdrew their discounts, started charging full tuition from out government. To keep the hype alive, HEC adopted strict standards, sent qualified students abroad and fell short of funds.

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