Anyone Can Solve IQ Tests With One Simple Trick

How do you solve an IQ test? Believe it or not, it’s surprisingly simple.

Contrary to what most people say, human intelligence cannot be measured. Everybody is a genius, and will have an individual expression of it.

IQ tests, like all tests, can be solved with a couple of tricks. In fact, only one trick.


That’s all you need to know. Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon — the first inventors of the IQ test — somehow arrived at the conclusion that a person’s intellect can be judged by the ability to see patterns. In some cases, yes it can. In fact, most people who score well in the IQ test truly are smart.

But it doesn’t mean that those who don’t understand random figures aren’t just as clever. Recruiters, however, will disagree. Most first interviews involve an IQ test, so you need to learn how to solve it.

It’s easy!

Consider this for an example. You can see a pattern moving from left to right. So the correct option would be 3.

But this is a simple one. Let’s go a level higher.

You will have a name for each figure, depending on its type.

All As, Bs and Cs are exactly like each other. Just look for the thing that differentiates the original one from the second one to find the pattern and use similar logic for the third column of figures.

Consider another example.

Even in this case, there is a clear pattern. The last option is the answer.

More complex questions

There will sometimes be questions which have absolutely no pattern at all. Luckily, these questions are not for you and me. They are for mathematicians with knowledge of algorithms beyond our comprehension. Do not fret about these questions if you aren’t an accomplished mathematician.

They usually won’t show up in your interview IQ tests anyway, which are more generalized.

IQ tests are easy. Anyone can solve them, and everyone is a genius!

  • ummm, ” one simple trick ” where is the trick here in all? Pro Pakistani writers seem deprive of new, informative, quality content.

  • I think the one simple trick is “PATTERNS” mentioned variable times in the article. Guys stop grilling people or writers by going through the article just one time and then stating you opinion. No offense, but think and Think wisely before saying something.

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