WhatsApp for Business Launched

The internet has become one of the most important platforms for trade and business related activities over the years. Businesses are growing day by day, and in today’s world, a business’s online presence is almost an essential requirement for it to succeed and get the exposure it needs.

Many online tools and platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are used by the businesses to keep in touch with their customers. These networks function primarily as recreational platforms but are also utilized for vocational and trade purposes.

WhatsApp Business

A new addition has entered the Android app market, made specifically for businesses – WhatsApp Business provides a range of features for businesses for them to keep in touch with their customers effectively.


What it Does

The app allows you to make a special Business Profile for your customers, you can add a description, contact details, address and quick replies to your business’ FAQs. It also allows you to set up automated greetings and responses, you can evaluate the performance of these messages using several analytics and statistics available within the app.

An “away” message can also be configured so that customers can get an automated response when you are offline.

WhatsApp Business is currently in its earliest free version, its expected that new features will be added in the coming weeks and some paid features will also be included.

Coming Soon

It’s currently only available in the UK, the US, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico but the company spokesperson said that rest of the world, including Pakistan, will get access soon.

You can check out it’s Play Store page here.

  • its old news why everyone publishing it now, i thought it is available for Pakistan thats why, but still it isnt….so stop with these fake reviews…media is crazy

    • I don’t know why. Even internetional tech news websites are doing the review now for an app that was available months ago.

  • more online fraud coming. i prefer wechat of china where people can be prosecuted by gov on electronic fraud. it acts as an passport for Chinese and its market capitalization has recently overtaken CIA operated Facebook crossing $500 billion and continues to grow.

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