NADRA Has Issued Over 72,000 CNICs to Illegal Foreigners

Around 72,000 foreigners and non-nationals have been issued CNIC’s by NADRA during the past couple of decades. This act, along with other corrupt practices, has alarmed the top administration of NADRA.

Around 400 officials were either terminated or are still under investigation for issuing illegal CNICs to foreigners. According to a senior official, over 650 employees have been terminated or are under investigation.

“Issuance of CNICs to foreigners at many Nadra centers continued — NRC DHA, Orangi Town, Ayesha Manzil, Kemari and other Nadra offices in Karachi issued thousands of CNICs to Afghans and Bengalis at the rate of Rs 10,000—20,000 each—Nadra offices in Lahore and DI Khan were also issuing cards to foreigners—three retired military officers, employed by Nadra at Karachi regional offices, were also involved in it…”  stated a secret document available with the local media.

It also states that during the rule of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, more than 4,035 foreign nationals were given CNICs.

The higher registration body took necessary strict action against 93 officers during this period while nine officers were pronounced guilty. 307 low ranked officials were also investigated, out of which 27 were pronounced guilty by the investigators.

35 officers along with 110 officials are being investigated for serious major offenses.

Number of Foreigners Issued with Illegal CNICs

  • 3,430 Afghanis
  • 236 Iranians
  • 5 Iraqis
  • 111 Bengalis
  • 21 Chinese
  • 7 Moroccans
  • 3 Uzbeks
  • 29 Indians
  • 1 each from Indonesia, US, Iraq and United Kingdom
  • Other 170 from Egypt, Senegal, Maldives and some other countries

Issuing CNICs to Afghan nationals came into limelight globally when the Afghan Taliban former chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor was killed in Balochistan on his way back from Iran. He carried along a Pakistani identity document.

In response to this, former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan decided to start up a ‘revivification programme’ headed by a talent officer of Nadra, Mirajam Khan Durrani.

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Foreigners Operating in Various Districts of Pakistan

Chairman Usman Mobin revealed before the Senate’s Functional Committee on Less Developed Areas, that around 0.16 million confirmed aliens are residing in different areas of Pakistan.

  • 38,063 in Punjab
  • 24,503 in Balochistan
  • 7,046 in Federally Administered Tribal Areas
  • 41,554 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
  • 40,042 in Sindh
  • 6,149 in Islamabad
  • 1,973 in Kashmir
  • 121 in Gilgit-Baltistan

Strict Action Against Officials Serving in Every Region

  • 108 officials were either dismissed from services or being investigated at Karachi regional offices
  • 12 at Nadra headquarter Islamabad
  • 25 at Sargodha regional offices
  • 43 at Lahore regional offices
  • 12 at Capital’s regional offices
  • 75 at regional offices Peshawar
  • 3 at regional offices Multan
  • 102 at regional offices Quetta
  • 30 at regional offices Sukkur

The rest were charged at smaller centers.

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