Caught Red-Handed: Murderer SSP Rao Anwar Holds a UAE Iqama

The suspended Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Malir, who was offloaded from his flight Emirates 615 while trying to flee to Dubai is yet again facing the heat for holding an Iqama for United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The former SSP’s name had also been included in the Exit Control List as directed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Earlier, Rao Anwar had failed to report to the Inspector General’s office, in an attempt to avoid facing the probe committee formed to investigate the extrajudicial killing of the 27-year-old Naqibullah Mehsud from South Waziristan.

Prior to his attempt to flee, Rao made a brief TV appearance as well, claiming that he wasn’t hiding and that reports of him not appearing in front of the inquiry committee were false.

No Police officer is entitled to keep an Iqama for any other country. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) revealed that Rao Anwar had an Iqama for UAE under the name of Anwar Ahmed Khan, with validity from October 9, 2017, to October 8, 2018.

The matter has received quite a bit of traction over the social media with everyone sharing the news and bashing the former police officer for illegally possessing an Iqama.

How about Ministers?

A never-ending drama.

The perks of being under the protection of political parties.

All thanks to the FIA.

Serious actions need to be taken immediately.

Hopefully, the law enforcement agencies will not allow the murderer to get away this time.

‘ALSO’, says it all.

Iqama game is strong in Punjab and Sindh, isn’t it?

Hopefully, justice will prevail and law enforcement agencies will do their duties to keep such goons behind the bars.

  • I want to see how and when the Sindh Government comes to the aid of its Hit Man Rao Anwar.

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