That Holographic Phone from Red is Coming This Summer

After announcing its futuristic Hydrogen One Smartphone with a holographic display, Red has given a rough timeframe for when we can expect it to reach us.

The phone is set to go up for pre-orders beginning this April, while general availability will be somewhere around this summer. Carrier availability is not said to be an issue as of now, thanks to “unprecedented” support, as well as social media reach with several “big dogs”, which will include influencers like MKBHD.


First Look at RED’s $1200 Holographic Phone

Holographic Display

The Hydrogen One was first announced almost half a year back, though all of the specs weren’t revealed at the time. At the front will be a 5.7-inch display with a so-called “four-view”, which allows 2D/3D as well as AR, VR and MR content to be viewed.

Custom-made content will be shared through an upcoming “Hydrogen Network”. Onboard speakers are capable of multi-channel spatial audio.


Under the hood, you’ll get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835x processor, with a 4500 mAh battery at the back. Storage can be expanded via a microSD slot, with a dual-SIM slot, USB-C port and a headphone jack onboard, too.

Its maker, Red, is mostly known for its professional photo and videography equipment. It is expected to carry over some of its expertise to the Hydrogen One in the future, via external accessories which will dock in the magnetic strip found at the bottom of the phone’s back, similar to Moto Mods used in Lenovo’s Moto Z series.


World’s First Holographic Smartphone is Coming Soon

Exorbitant Price

The pricing was previously announced at $1195 for the base, aluminum version. A more premium Titanium version is said to cost a baffling $1595. Both of the versions cost markedly higher than the current top-tier smartphone in the industry, iPhone X, which begins at $999. However, what they aim to provide is also going to be an industry first so it’s a question of whether they deliver on it or not.