Oil Tankers Association Goes on Strike After Negotiations Fail

The dialogue between Oil Tanker Cartridge Association (OTCA) and Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has ended without any conclusion or agreement. OTCA has announced to stop all kind of services for PSO. On the other hand, PSO says the strike is against national interest.

A meeting was held between PSO management, Oil Tanker Cartridge Association (OTCA) and All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association (APOTOA) at PSO house Karachi to discuss the fleet upgradation and implication of new standards.

But during the meeting, both sides did not come up with any solutions and negotiations ended at a deadlock.

Sources told ProPakistani that PSO management tried to convince OTCA and APOTOA members to make a schedule for fleet upgradation as per the standards defined by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and National Highway Authority (NHA). PSO spokesperson told ProPakistan that OTCA and APOTOA demands are unlawful. After negotiations they changed their stance and announced a strike.

The spokesperson said:

OTCA and APOTOA are doing economic terrorism. Instead of implementing on OGRA and NHA standards for lorries they are demanding that NLC’s contract should be canceled. That’s unfair and against the national interests.

PSO spokesperson, while talking about numbers. told that PSO uses 8000 lorries for the distribution of fuel in the country. Out of which 200 lorries are provided by NLC.

NLC Lorries are fully compliant with NHA and OGRA standards while the remaining 7800 lorries from private contracters do not fulfill these standards. There have been no reported accidents of NLC Lorries. On the other hand, OTCA and APOTOA are stuck on one demand that PSO must cancel its contract with National Logistic Cell (NLC) without any logic or reasoning.

After the meeting, OTCA General Sectary, Babar Ismail, said that they are stopping all supply for and to PSO with immediate effect. But fuel supply to other companies will continue as per normal schedule. APOTOA Chairman Shams Shawani announced that they will not provide any vehicle to PSO.

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