PIA Ends Flights to Kuwait

According to official sources from PIA, the national flag carrier will end flights to Kuwait from February 1, 2018.

The decision has been taken after the airline had been experiencing annual loss due to its international flight operations in Kuwait. Four months ago, PIA had also put an end to direct flights to the USA and fired many employees.

According to another news, Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIACL) owes Rs. 67.236 billion to the Civil Aviation Authority (CIA).


PIA Owes Rs. 67 Billion to CAA

Previously, there were rumors that either Fly Emirates or Etihad Airways will be buying stakes in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after the government had announced to privatize it. Emirates, however, denied those rumors.

As per initial details, passengers can no longer book flights to Kuwait through PIA’s reservation system for dates beyond 1st of February.

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  • You guys are not understanding a larger issue.
    This means there are not enough Pakistanis residing in Kuwait anymore — I have been harping about his impending disaster for a couple of years on ProPakistani, but it seems no on seems to understand the gravity of the situation.
    The largest source of Pakistani foreign exchange comes from remittances from Middle East and USA.
    India is actively working (which earns US$ 80 billion from Middle East in remittances — incidentally the EXACT size of its defense budget) with Middle Eastern countries to kick out Pakistanis, thus double damaging Pakistan — those Pakistanis kicked out will (and are) being replaced by outsourced Indians or Egyptians (the new darlings of GCC) as well as some other expatriates — meaning loss of remittances and earning to Pakistan — and then other countries (like India) will increase their earnings resulting in a double-whammy that will hugely impact our national security and safety, as well as economic well-being.
    I want to ask our foreign office what they are doing in these Middle Eastern countries, except harassing the same workers who send these valuable resources home. All of these buffoons should be hanged by the pole!
    They are enemies of Pakistan, and all they do in these Middle Eastern countries is work for their own self-benefits and the Pakistani diaspora is running here and there, and standing in mile-long lines outside embassies in 55 degree heat, while these lazy monkeys make their lives miserable!
    Most embassies do not even bother to pick up their telephones to answer simple queries!
    Our foreign office and foreign policies in the Middle East are a complete ruin! After calling them brothers for 70 years, and basically setting up their entire companies, indutries and economy — from the first Emirates Plane and setting up of Emirates (loaned by PIA to them), to every facet of Middle East economy, Pakistanis toiled away to build their entire countries.
    Today this is what we are getting in return — this is really a monumental failure of our country! And no one to be held accountable!

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