Kamyabi: Entrepreneurship is More Than Just About Tech & IT [Video Blog]

The number of entrepreneurs all around the world continues to rise. It is believed that they number around 600 million to date.

The concept of starting your own company is attractive to say the least. More and more people opting to enter the starting world of startups where they are their own boss and can execute their idea in their own way.

However, despite the exponential growth in startups and budding entrepreneurs, many people have certain misconceptions that entrepreneurship is just limited to technology and Information Technology fields.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Amer Qureshi, a well-known business analyst and entrepreneurship expert elaborates in his vlog that entrepreneurship isn’t just limited to IT and tech.

You can watch his detailed talk below about how entrepreneurs can make their mark in any field, and understand the idea behind the term that seems to have taken the business, academic and social circles by storm:

You can check out the rest of the video blogs in his series below:

About Amer Qureshi

He is a business adviser, leadership expert, trainer, international author and chartered accountant. Amer tweets at @amerq_qct 

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