10 Things That Make Zameen.com the Best Property Website in Pakistan

Ask your elders how they used to make property purchase and investment decisions 7-10 years ago. You will hear of them spending days and weeks only visiting real estate agents and dozens of properties, even though most of those leads couldn’t pan out.

That too within their cities or home town at the most. They also mention that most of the times they would end up paying more than the best price. They also ended up spending too much on fuel for visits.

That has changed with Zameen.com for most of us. Today most of the people you know view property listings at Zameen.com either through web or the Zameen App.

This provides them with all the information on price comparisons, options across residential and commercial, latest projects, contact details of buyers, sellers, real estate agents and developers – all this from across the country. All this is done without spending a penny.

Zameen.com has indeed increased the scope of property transactions in the country.

What are the key aspects that make Zameen.com so popular with the masses? We take a look at the various features and value it offers its customers.

1. Largest Property Community Online

Over 4.7 million monthly visitors from Pakistan and all over the world go to Zameen.com to find their dream property.

Zameen.com says that over 30% of these visitors comprise of Overseas Pakistanis that trust them for reliable information from across continents.

This means that most of the visitors are genuine buyers and investors looking for safe investment avenues and a chance to fulfill their dreams of owning a home.

Zameen.com boasts an impressive 31 million monthly page views and over 1 million subscribers that regularly receive valuable news, insights, trends and analysis on a regular basis

2. Largest Number of Property Listings

It hosts over 8.5 million property listings from all over Pakistan. These listings cover both residential and commercial categories across land and built-up property over a wide-range of budget.

The mix of choices across locations, cities, property options and prices ensure that all income groups are catered in their search for the ideal property.

These listings are continuously updated and refreshed ensuring visitors get the latest options and best prices.

Click here to find your ideal property.

3. Investment Advice and Tips on Home and Lifestyle

The leading property website makes an effort to educate and support its visitors in their property selection and decision making journey.

The blog section at Zameen.com is updated daily with insightful posts that cover everything from property trends, development updates on residential societies, new home furnishing ideas, tips on legal and property documentation and much more.

For picky home makers there is a whole lot of Home and Lifestyle posts that cover everything from gardening tips to interior décor to what color scheming would go best across furniture and walls.

Click here to read up on today’s blogs.

4. Fresh Property News

The news section at Zameen.com gathers property related news from all over Pakistan at one place. The section is quite useful to keep updated on major regulatory announcements by the state institutions, public notices by government bodies and project updates by major societies.

A whole variety of other interesting news about Pakistan’s property sector is updated daily.

Click here for a fresh news serving.

5. Property Expert Community and Advice

The forum at Zameen.com answers many common questions then and there. You can also delve deeper into a discussion or connect to other like-minded people and experts.

With various subject categories, with discussion threads on everything related to property, it is especially useful for Overseas Pakistanis that look for advice online and for initial research.

Registration is easy and you can even start your own discussion thread on property.

To talk to a property expert click right here.

6. Pakistan’s Only Property Search Trends

The Trends section at Zameen.com helps the property buyers, sellers and traders to understand the preferences in the market across dozens of cities every month.

For example you can find out overall buying trends in Lahore city or only a specific housing society like DHA Lahore.

You can find out selling trends for houses, flats, plots or commercial properties. This property search trends tool comes in handy when exploring where to put your money for investment purposes.

You get all of this for free! Click here to check it out.

7. Pakistan’s Only Real Estate Price Index

Couple the property prices index tool with property search trends and you have an unbeatable combination to make sound property decisions.

You can track property prices across cities for different property sizes and types displayed in easy to understand trend graphs. These prices are available per square foot and for the full size as well.

If you want to know the per square foot price for a 5 marla plot in Karachi you can actually do that. Similarly you can find out whether property prices have gone up or down over a 3, 6 and 12 months’ time period to make well informed investment decisions.

Click here to check it out.

8. Launching Pad for all new property projects in Pakistan

Zameen.com has also become a launching pad for new real estate projects, big or small, across Pakistan.

The new projects section lists a growing number of projects from all over the country across residential and commercial properties.

You can find out what new residential apartment project has launched in Lahore, or a new housing society that has launched in Bahawalpur.

This is especially good news for the sprawling real estate industry in that they can showcase their projects in an effective manner and reach out to millions of visitors at Zameen.com.

Find a new project for yourself by clicking here.

9. Exclusively Marketed by Zameen.com

The New Project section also includes projects that are exclusively marketed by Zameen.com.

What does this mean and what value does the ‘Exclusively Marketed by Zameen.com’ endorsement deliver?

As it turns out all such projects are thoroughly checked by Zameen.com for all aspects including NOC, land availability, developer history, product marketability etc. so you don’t have to worry.

‘Exclusively Marketed by Zameen.com’ is thus a stamp of approval, confidence and trust. You can look for the Exclusively Marketed badge displayed on the respective project page.

10. Home Financing Solution for Your Property Needs

The Home Finance Calculator and the Home Finance Partners page also deserve attention.

The Home Finance Calculator is viewable as you scroll down the specific property page for buying. This calculator helps you determine the down payment, bank loan amount and monthly payment for the property of your choice.

What is unique is that the calculations are based on actual bank rates in collaboration with Zameen.com’s Home Finance Partner banks. You can leave your contact details for someone to contact you for processing of your home finance request. You can click here to apply for home financing at Zameen.com.

And this is not all. Zameen.com is growing its Home Partner network from home finance to all sorts of services and products you may require to build, renovate and upgrade your home. Their Home Partners page showcases products and services from a wide range of property development companies and vendors.

The Home Construction vendors provide construction materials and finishes from PVC pipes to electrical systems and doors. The Home Making vendors provide furniture, interior décor, bath, wardrobe and kitchen solutions. And the Home Management vendors provide home appliances and home furnishing solutions. You can choose your home partner here.

Concluding Thoughts

From your first property search to selecting the right home finance options for you and moving into your property – Zameen.com covers it all.

Zameen.com presents a good growth model for businesses in the digital age. More Pakistani companies can learn from them to reap the benefits of an increasingly digital economy.

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