Huawei Confirms Launch of Next P Series Flagship in March

Huawei just confirmed that they will reveal their next big flagship in an upcoming event which be held in Paris next month.

Its been a year since the Huawei P10 came out, its about time Huawei launched its successors. According to rumours, the successor will either be named P11 or P20 and will be unveiled in Huawei’s own press event on March 27th, which is almost a month later than the 2018 Mobile World Congress.

Interestingly, Huawei showed off the P10 at the 2017 MWC and the company was expected to do the same this year but decided to delay it a few weeks. Its confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will get unveiled in the 2017 MWC, Huawei’s delay seems like a strategic turn to avoid having to compete with the S9’s launch.

Just like the predecessor P10’s lineup, the P11/P20 is expected to arrive in three variants – P11/P20, P11/P20 plus, and P11/P20 lite.

Triple Primary Camera Set Up?

There have been several rumours circulating on the web about the phone’s design, some unofficial schematics show a three-primary camera set up this time.

The Plus variant, according to the same schematics, will come with a huge bezel-less display with a notch on top just like the iPhone X.

It’s unclear what each sensor will do, but some experts suggest that the tri-cam set up will collectively take an image and process it into a 40 MP size. This set up might also allow up to 5x lossless zoom.


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Other Specifications

Other than the bizarre cameras, the P11/P20 will surely come with the latest top-tier internal specifications such as their newer machine learning paired with Huawei’s latest Kirin 970 chipset.

An 18:9 display is highly likely because its the newest flavour in the smartphone world and seeing past devices, Huawei might decide to use a 2K LCD panel (or perhaps a different resolution for the Plus variant just like the Mate 10 pro and Mate 10 line).

Being a flagship, the P11/P20 will come with a premium price and its availability in Pakistan will surely be delayed a few weeks after its sales begin internationally.

  • RIP Samung Apple Oppo Vivo Q Mobile Nokia OnePlus Etc User
    Huawei launch a set in different style

    • Yeah that’s why they aren’t launching it at the same time as S9, right?

      I ll still prefer 1+ over others because of their relatively cheap price and great features.

      You lost your oomph when you mentioned QMobile and Vivo in the same line.

      • in mobile market no body knows (in majority) 1+ name.
        Huawei make a good set in cheaper price
        rahi bat late launching ki so what s9 design foolish style & no better features with high price

        • And that makes up your argument in what way?

          1+ isn’t known for advertising heavily and there’s a reason for that.

          We ll know about S9 and this Huawei’s new phone soon enough.

          Samsung doesn’t need much to improve upon the already stylish S8 design so I don’t know what you are on about.

  • I would be much better if smart phone manufacture introduce camera changeable aperture (F numbers). It will increase photography quality.

  • Wow! Have used every smartphone – Apple, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and Mi but Huawei surely beats them all collectively. Apple has an amazing interface and camera but is like a jail. Plus – it has failed to capture imagination after iphone 6. Samsung – the less said the better. More hype and less delivery. Huawei is complete package – camera, interface, interface and customer services

    • How about Xiaomi? I have used all of those you mentioned above, as well as an iPhone X, and I would definitely rate Xiaomi over Huawei. I use Mi Mix (older version) as my primary device and X as the secondary one.

    • Have a look of Lumia camera and also samsung camera is not bad.
      I am talking about manual photography. Both provides better ISO control, shutter speed, exposure. But one thing I liked in samsung note 8 is its
      metering mode,
      image stabiliser,
      continuous focus and
      bunch of focus points.
      I never used iphone camera, but Samsung Note 8 rocks. It functions as similar as DSLR except aperture settings.

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