PTCL Just Introduced Unlimited 100Mbps Broadband for Rs. 4,999 per Month

PTCL has introduced truly unlimited 100Mbps internet for just Rs. 4,999 per month. This new broadband plan, however, is only available on GPON (FTTH) and on DSL for revamped exchanges.

If you recall, we shared details with you on the network up-gradation project that PTCL is undergoing. Through this multi-billion project, PTCL plans to upgrade its core-network as well the under-ground media for majority of its customers in Pakistan.

PTCL, through this revamp project, will be deploying upgraded copper or even fiber in high-demand areas.

As a result, company is now able to offer up to 100Mbps broadband plans in selected areas for now. However, as more exchanges are revamped, the coverage will stretch across the country.


PTCL is Transforming Its Network with FTTC and FTTH Throughout Pakistan

PTCL has said that this revamp will be completed by early next year.

PTCL GPON – FTTH Broadband Plans

  • 5Mbps: Rs. 1,999
  • 10Mbps: Rs. 2,499
  • 20Mbps: Rs. 2,999
  • 50Mbps: Rs. 3,999
  • 100Mbps: Rs. 4,999

Please note that New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection installation charges are upfront PKR. 11,999/-

Also note that GPON is available in few selected areas. You can call helpline to see if your location is with-in the company coverage area or not. You can also click on this link to see the coverage map of PTCL GPON.

So to qualify for these packages, either you’ll have to be in an area where GPON is available or be located in an area where the exchanges have been revamped.

You can call helpline for any further information on PTCL broadband packages.

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  • Third Class service by a degraded company. Smaller companies provide much better services than PTCL and are more competitive. Not to mention the likes of TES will and Fibrelink will take the remaining share of what is left by connect.

    Its time for dissolution of PTCL. Mark my words

    • Fiberlink is worst of all, i have paid for connection in September-2017 and still waiting for them to get in touch with us for the connection and I think installation of connection will take 1 year. They don’t even have proper team in Lahore taking care for such delayed connection and no one can answer your queries.

      PTCL will at least provide you internet connection quickly.

      • aur jub band kar detay hain 2-4 din baad to baad bhi nahi suntay…
        ptcl line man yahi kahay ga, sir line support nahi karti, fiber aye ga, abhi 1 ya 2mb lagwa lo ya band karwa lo…. jub complaint karo ptcl walo ko to wo kahay gay k 24-48 hour mein problem solve ho jaye gi,,,,,,, sub drama hota hai

      • True, StormFiber and Transworld are the real competitors for PTCL – and per my knowledge, StormFiber is expanding at a rapid pace. Fiberlink is a complete fraudulent company, they take ages to resolve issues – stay away!

          • Yeah, but those aren’t a replacement – rather. a niche that generates more consumers than wired broadband. Those who are on broadband aren’t going to leave it for a number of reasons. Firstly, the wired connection provides unlimited data, which none of the wireless ones do (as far as I know). Secondly, there are some inherent disadvantages with the wireless network in terms of ping and packet losses – it’s useless for gaming. So while the number maybe bigger for cellular “broadband” – if you call it that – those customers will be additional, and won’t be a replacement for the actual broadband.

      • I applied for the services of Fiber link back in “June-2017 and my connection still not deployed yet!!! Worst customer service EVER!! ….surely a time wasting activity by pursuing after them!! SO NOT RECOMMENDED @Tech Boy

      • You should have done your research before paying them money. They are using your money to finance their business at zero interest cost. They have done this to a number of customers who have complained on online forums. If you bothered to do your research you would have seen those complaints.

        The other FTTH providers like stormfiber, transworld, optix and nayatel don’t play games like these. They have a decent reputation.

        • It’s not about research, PMERA should take steps against such fake companies. How come these companies are allowed to operate if they are not able to provide the service

      • Fiberlink is a fraudulent company. They only install their services to 10% of their customers. Now i know i know your comment is 8 months old but if you are still struggling with fiber link then file a complaint against them to PTA. After that apply for StormFIber.

    • PTCL has a monopoly on land lines in the country and is part of a duopoly of international bandwidth providers. It is also partly owned by the government. It will continue to operate in this country. Besides they have learned poor customer service doesn’t hurt their business as long as they have the financial muscle to spend on marketing. I mean just look at this blog post? 100 Mbps should be in double quotes because no one is going to get that speed IRL.

    • Fiberlink is even worse than PTCL. Stormfiber is looking real good. With some good feedbacka from my neighbors. Even PTCL has started to upgrade their services in my area. Now only reason for me choosing Stormfiber over PTCL is initial charges as Stormfiber is providing first 3 months for free after paying installation charges.

  • hahhahahh, i see the link of Map, and firstly i see the location Jatii Umraa , Yar sara City chor kar Jati Umraaaa

  • before converting copper lines to optical fiber it was worst service ever but now my line convert to optical fiber for almost 2 years now and seriously it is awesome… i got 4mbps and download speed is 480kb to 500kb…
    i dont think any other broadband gives unlimited (300GB) per month 24/7 downloads only in 1750

        • I don’t think they’ll provide upload speed more than 1/4 of the download. Which means 4Mbps will have 1Mbps upload and that is the same we get on copper line. However as I said, the advantage is in case of ping and in higher speed packages.

          • NO!!!!! Only PTCL shrink the upload speed !!!! If u r on PTCL with the connection of 4mps …then despite your download will be 4mps but your upload speed shall be 1mbps……..but in case of Optic Cable (SPECIFICALLY OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS THAN PTCL) your upload will also be the same as your downloading speed!

        • It’s not about Fiber or Copper rather it’s about the type of Internet Connection your ISP is providing. If it’s an asymmetrical internet connection, the upload speeds would always be very low however if it’s a SYMMETRIC connection (Like Nayatel), not only would you get equal upload speeds as your download but also at the same time meaning you can utilize both the speeds simultaneously unlike symmetrical connections.

        • They have unlimited, removed the limit I asked a few months ago and they told that is truly unlimited.

          • copy paste from PTCL web
            *Note: For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is not applicable to 8 Mbps and above connections

            • Thanks for clarification. I am using 8mb and was wondering when did they said anything about 300GB limit.
              I agree with your initial comment about fiber service, my area has been upgraded to fiber as well few days back and zero disconnections since then.

      • Copy Paste from PTCL Web
        *Note: For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is not applicable to 8 Mbps and above connections

      • bro 1750 se 1850 ho gea hai bus… 1850 fix hai no hidden charges and further taxes for broadband…

        • StormFiber’s Triple Play’s internet appears to be a better alternative. You pay Rs. 2540 (incl. taxes), and get a free cable tv along with land line rent. That means, you subtract 400 Rs. (the actual cost of cable tv) and 150 Rs. for the telephone line rent – and you end up with Rs. 2000. Because you used to pay more for PTCL’s line rent (250 Rs.), you save extra 100 Rs. That means the cost of the internet has gone down to Rs. 1900. Now, depending on your use of landline, you can save additional amount if you call on mobile phones a lot. The tarrif for Storm Fiber is cheaper for mobile phones; you can save around ~50 to 100 (or more, depending on the use). That ends up with a value for ~1800 to ~1850 Rs. for 10 Mbps truly unlimited internet (without fair use policy). *Correct me if I’m wrong on the Maths, but isn’t it better than the PTCL’s broadband pricing?

    • Need to end corruption first, Have to analyse customer feedback. Exchange PTCL Officers Promotion must be depend on Exchange closed complaint and satisfy customer in a short time.

    • Yes my area speed and quality is also become batter, not having any issues from last 1 year, also due to online record of everything, complaint and response system is very very good these days. Much satisfied with PTCL :)

  • 4mb k connection per 1mb ki speed bhi nahi ati…. (IDM se 100+ speed ati hai)
    aur iss k elawa hidden charges alag hain 1775 rs. 4mb ka kaha jata tha aur bill 2755 ata tha, abhi mazeed mahanga kar diya hai ptcl, abhi mere khaya; 70-80 rs. mazeed bharha diye hai feb. 2018 se…

  • Correction required in Rates 10Mb is offered for 2499 not 2599

    these packages are available in less 1% of PTCL coverage area and there are 37% taxes on above rates

    and above that PTCL has worlds most crap customer care and complaint management Unit

    no one addresses the issue until its marked to CEO

    PTCL already lost market share in wireless internet and now they going to loose wired internet share as well due to higher prices and pathetic customer care

    In 99% of PTCL coverage area still 8Mb price is 3025 without 37% tax

    • They’re not going to lose market share anytime soon. Their coverage is most in the country, other ISPs can challenge them in small portions of the country but not anywhere. Sad Fact.

      • but they generating more money fro metropolitan areas , rural areas already using 3g 4g

        in metro cities many alternates available and people switching to Fiber , thats why they are forced to change their infrastructure

      • You may say that, but StormFiber is rapidly expanding. I thought it would take a lot of time for them to cover my area, but it turns out that they will be taking only a few months to get to my area (never expected them to expand as quickly because most of the ISPs like these tend to only restrict themselves to the Defense areas of Karachi).

  • in past i had faced so much problems but after that i completely changed my coper wire and now its the best internet facility here in my city. Waiting for the fiber to come.

  • Haha, PTCL is only providing fiber optics services where there is real competition. As long as your area remains with only them, they will milk you out for as long as they can until some companies start offering a far better service. As for Karachi, this is evident with StormFiber’s expansion. PTCL will rush to cover areas that are now covered by StormFiber – because, firstly, PTCL’s customer service isn’t that great, and more obviously, their internet speed sucks (depending on the area).

  • Now we have to wait for shifting from MSAG to GPON? it’s better PTCL give VDSL Card to all customers, it decrease line losses and best DSL result.

  • They are not providing 50Mbps or 100Mbps if your line is not supported. So not everyone can get it !!

    I have recently upgraded to 20Mbps and my SNR has dropped to 21.0 and if I upgrade to 50Mbps , it will drop and I cannot get 100Mbps :( PTCL should provide FTTH to everyone :(

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