Orient Offers Free Installation for All DC Inverter ACs

Orient has brought another exciting offer for its online customers, now in the form of free Installation on all eComfort A/C purchases.

After rolling out the innovative Orient’s eComfort technology by Mian Abdul Rehman Talat, the company brought in another irresistible offer to facilitate its customers. By installing Inverter ACs for free, they can save up to Rs.3000 on additional installation charges.

While Orient is still running its “Best Price Sale” & free shipping facility ensuring that the customers are enjoying the best online shopping experience in Pakistan, it has made its deals better by also waiving off the installation cost.

Under Orient’s new promotion, customers who purchase the company’s latest eComfort air conditioners can enjoy absolutely free AC installation by an authorized technician.

How to Avail Free AC Installation Offer

Orient has simplified online shopping in Pakistan. During this offer, customers only need to log on to Orient’s official online store, place an order of the desired eComfort Smart DC Inverter A/C, receive their order without any shipping/ handling charges and get it fitted too without putting in additional money.

There’s no limit as far as the size is concerned, customers can choose from Orient’s gigantic Gold Fin & Blue Fin variants ranging from 1 Ton all the way up to 2 Ton.

Why Choose Orient eComfort DC Inverter Air Conditioners?

  • Smart Operations (Can be controlled via Facebook, Google Assistant & Mevris application).
  • Accurate reporting of the air conditioner’s voltages, power, current & electricity unit consumption.
  • Ability to schedule operations.
  • Offers a timeline feature.
  • Instant billing reports.
  • Automatic complaint facility at Orient’s online customer portal.
  • Saves up to 60% electricity through smart power utilization.
  • Offers the biggest indoor unit for enhanced heating & cooling purposes.
  • Unbelievably powerful 50 feet air throw.
  • Equipped with advanced Japanese PCB Kit.
  • Low voltage operation.
  • Exquisite designs.


The Free Installation Promotion is now online and will be applicable till February 28, 2018. You can visit Orient’s official online store to book your brand new Smart A/C.

Best Price Sale Extended

Furthermore, Orient has also extended its “Best Price Sale” for a limited time period after securing a good response from customers. You can still get your favorite LED TVs, Microwave Ovens, Water Dispensers, and Refrigerators at market competitive prices.

For more details, contact Orient’s Help Line – 0800-11235 or visit www.orient.com.pk

  • Pel

    what a height of marketing :
    product price would be pkr : 20k to 40k approx & save 3000 wao in the name of installation :

    • Orient Home Appliances

      Tell me the price of your Smart A/C?……… OHHHHHH, I remember, you don’t have it yet, I guess it will be launched in 3018. Grow up, it is not Stone Age anymore. Take some time to appreciate innovation in Pakistan rather than posting baseless comments. ;-).

      #Jalne_Wallay_Allah_Tujay_Bhi_De #Sasta_Roye_Bar_Bar

    • continuedhere

      that’s like a 10% saving. pel should offer free installation too

  • continuedhere

    smart ac means it can be hacked in the future. i doubt they’ll keep delivering updates to the software for the lifetime of the device.

    • Orient Home Appliances

      Don’t worry, we have this covered :-)

  • GREE

    So, you wanna challenge me? I have better quality, and you want performance and value to your money?
    Come to buy GREE.
    Dont waste your money on those Cheap Orient and Pel etc…

    • Ali Shah

      For cryin’ out loud!

      False Claim #1:- Better Quality

      Reality: – Cheating people with aluminum, open it up to see what treasures are hidden within. PSSSS. It ain’t copper.

      False Claim #2:- Better performance

      Reality: – How do you even define performance?, Orient eComfort has made everything transparent. You can check out units consumed, power, voltages and what not at one click.

      False Claim #3:- Value for money

      Reality: – How can there be value for money? Hawai Firing? Or a documented proof? Cheap Hardware is definitely not a long term investment. Go check out Orient’s live energy meter to gauge performance.

      #Soch_kay_GREEb #GREEdy_Brand

      • GREE

        I have market ratio of 89%, most of industries has packed seal agreements with us that we will buy your products, app and E-comfort wont save you with all your hidden lies, .
        WE ARE TESTED.