Jeremy McLellan’s Argument Against the Muslim Ban Involves Chapli Kebabs

Everyone remembers the stand-up comedian Jeremy McLellan from America as someone who visited Pakistan last year and left his heart here. Ever since his visit to Pakistan, we have seen him talk about Pakistan and how much he enjoyed his trip to the country.

While many of us may not be aware of the latest memes from Pakistan, Jeremy is the man who knows literally everything related to Pakistan. If you don’t believe this, just see his Twitter account and you’ll know exactly why we said this.

His tweets are almost always ProPakistani, and even if he points out the flaws in the Pakistani society, he does it so politely that his purity of heart becomes crystal clear.


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Well, let’s talk about is love for Chapli Kebabs. We all love them, don’t we?

Jeremy values them more than we do, and its one of his absolute favorite dishes. He conveys his message so delightfully, doesn’t he?

Well, let’s look at what he has been saying about kebabs and linking it to why banning Muslims immigration is an utterly wrong move by the Trump administration.

The Charleston-based comedian definitely knows who specializes in what in Pakistan. For instance, he’s very well aware that Kebabs are the speciality of Pushtoons.

Moving to Lahore might be a good option for Jeremy if he needs authentic Pakistani food. But for Chapli Kebabs, I’m not sure (pun intended).

Some questions were raised when he said ‘Lahore’ thanks to the notoriety of mutton in the city.

The Pindi Boy also shared the name of the Pashtun restaurant in the refreshing debate going on over the social media.

Whoever owns this restaurant has earned a lot of fame, right?

‘Why do I know that and you don’t?’, exactly something I pointed out at the start.

His reply when someone dragged in the ‘Khota Gosht’ story.

It’s amazing how he handles everything so calmly and promotes peace and Pakistani culture wherever he is.

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