The Sporty New Suzuki Swift 2018 is Pure Eyecandy [Pictures]

Suzuki Swift 2018 is all set to mesmerize the auto-mobile market with its enticing looks. The new model of the popular Swift and direct competitor of Toyota Vitz looks elegant and stylish.

Swift will come in six color variations that are pearl red, solid white,sand beige silky silver, phoenix red and graphite gray.

This, however, is an international variant of the Suzuki Swift and it is likely that these features might not even make it to the Pakistan’s auto market.


Faster, Roomier & Exciting: This is the Suzuki Swift Sport 2018

Lets take a deeper look at the dazzling Suzuki Swift 2018.

Suzuki Swift 2018 in White and Red Color

White Suzuki Swift 2018 Front

Suzuki Swift 2018 Steering

Suzuki Swift 2018 Steering Zoom

Suzuki Swift 2018 Interior Front

 Swift 2018 Exterior Back

White Swift 2018 Exterior Side

Photos Via Siraj Khan 

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section at ProPakistani.

  • Xahid

    Looks gorgeous exterior and interior, But its Suzuki, hope they works on its durability too,,

  • Muhammad ali sheikh


  • Afzal Mahmoud Mirza

    What left over from old models in japan being exported to PK to use in new models.

  • Omer Ahmad

    There is no such competition between Swift and Toyota Vitz as its just a 1000 CC car with a hefty price tag. Suzuki must improve their Cultus (aka Suzuki Celerio) to compete Toyota Vitz.

  • Armaghan

    awesome just awesome both interior and exterior…
    1.3 million is justifiable but 1.5 for 1000cc is too much…

  • Muarif Muzammil

    Great Look, Whats the expected price? Any one?

  • Muhammad Rauf Aamir

    Interior seems old fashoned with silver coatings.

  • Mohsan Hassan

    This model is launched in India

    Thanks ProPakistani for covering their news:)

    • Syed Zarar

      It is an international variant, as mentioned in the article. Since the local variant is yet to be launched – this is just to give a comparison as to what people (who are looking to buy Swift) can expect from Swift 2018.

      Give the negativity a rest, please.

  • Hasnu

    Swift: A photocopy of Vitz with Bold Font (1.3L engine).
    Now this one: another photocopy in much Bolder Font (1.5L engine) along with Borders, Headers and Footer.

    I duly hope Suzuki to ever try their own creativity, innovation and science. But here is the charm, since we are Pakistani’s we will still buy these baby elephants and jam our already overloaded roads to stagnant level so that nobody even an ambulance could move..Shame…!

    Its already worst with that pamper shaped Cultus out there.. lets see what more leftover Suzuki has to through on our roads..

    • Sarfraz

      FYI vitz was copy of swift and not the other way around, swift was launched in 2005 in Japan and its success resulted in toyota launching vitz in same shape/concept…

      • Hasnu

        Dude there are generations of Vitz as well as Swift, first generation Vitz was launched in 1999 whereas Swift was launched in 2000. The copy that I am talking about was Vitz 2nd generation prototype designed by Hagino in 2003 which was copied by Suzuki and launched in 2004 followed by official 2nd generation launch of Vitz in 2005. Got it.. ?

  • Shurjil Butt

    first of all this model with advertised features will never ever be launched by local suzuki bullshitters and if by any miracle they do then its price will be at least 18 Lac.

  • Eli Ehsan

    LOL!!! Hamari chhoti chhoti umeeden & hamare False-prophets auto-makers…… :) #ThoraZyadaHogaya

  • Anonymous

    Will be priced around 1.6 to 1.7 million. Over Priced of course.

  • Ahsan Zafar

    Should be totally rejected if the international variant isn’t launched here. Pakistani’s being shortchanged everywhere .Why should the Pakistani market be treated differently? Because we lap up even substandard items thrown in our faces?? About time these companies gave us value for money .