Ultra Processed Food Common in Our Diets Linked to Increased Risk of Cancer

French researchers have all but confirmed the dangerous effects that consuming processed foods cause to our human body. They believe that ultra-processed foods can be responsible for creating cancerous cells inside a human body.

In short, eating out as well as consuming junk food regularly is likely to cause you cancer.

Its not too far-fetched to say that in today’s world, many of us rely on on fast food or other forms of processed foods such as cakes, chicken nuggets, and mass-produced breads, to get through their day. Many people believe that they have not got enough time to cook food for themselves or family, when food is just a call or taps away.

Cancer cells


The foods we mentioned above? They are categorically mentioned as ‘ultra-processed’ foods by the researchers, and are likely to cause you cancer.

The Research

The research was conducted by health professionals, who monitored a humongous group of 105,000 people. These people were exposed to highly-processed foods.


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The subjects of the research were mainly middle-aged women. According to the final results, the group who increased their intake of ultra-processed foods in their diets by 10%, it was found that their chances of developing cancer also increased by 12%.

List of Ultra Processed Food Items

What can be included in the group of ultra-processed foods that we are better off avoiding? The French researchers who conducted the study have provided a reference list of them:

  • Sodas and sweetened drinks
  • Chocolate bars and sweets
  • Mass-produced packaged breads and buns
  • Sweet or savory packaged snacks including crisps
  • Meatballs, poultry, and fish nuggets
  • Instant noodles and soups
  • Frozen or shelf-life ready meals
  • Foods made mostly or entirely of sugar, oils, and fats

Despite the devastating results of the ultra-processed foods as shown in the study, the researchers were reluctant to blame the ultra-processed foods directly for causing cancer. However, they termed the study as “an initial insight.”