EvoCheck SmarTest Strips Lets You Check Your Blood Sugar in 5 Seconds

With 422 million people suffering from diabetes across the globe — of which 35-38 million are in Pakistan — the need for glucose meters is huge.


These devices must be efficient, too; not all people can manage technical challenges like setup procedures, environmental influences and understanding metabolic effects (before/after food) — and nobody at all likes being pricked in the finger several times because the reader was too slow or inaccurate.

There is a simple solution to these issues. And it can be yours today.


EvoCheck is a solution for those who want to keep a close eye on their sugar levels, without the many traditional hassles associated with it.

The people behind Evocheck claim that it is the ‘SmarTest’ glucose meter available. To elaborate on its status as the smartest glucose checking gadget, EvoCheck comes with the following features:

  • It only needs a 0.75µl blood sample to get results.
  • It gives accurate results in 5 seconds
  • It records blood glucose levels as ‘before’ or ‘after’ a meal.
  • It uses highly accurate SmarTest strips.
  • It has automated coding.
  • It has a wide HCT range.

We explain the more specialized features of EvoCheck that can help diabetes patients have a better grip on their health as they go about their normal life routine:


HCT range

HCT — or haematocrit — values let you determine the number of red blood cells. Most people with diabetes will have normal hematocrit, but certain groups such as patients who live at different altitudes, smokers, patients with renal failure, and others may have significant hematocrit alterations.

In addition, the normal hematocrit between men and women can even differ by 8–10%, but with GDH Enzyme used on the SmarTest Strips, EvoCheck has got that covered.

SmarTest Strips

SmarTest GS700 strips are the masterpiece of design and technology. Following features of the SmarTest GS700 strips prove these to be superior and better than all other Glucometers.

  1. Separate holding area makes it very easy and convenient to use.
  2. Shortest Test Pathway, Noble Metal Gold Electrodes and Auto Coding feature make these the most accurate strips.
  3. The SmarTest GS700 prevents oxygen interference with blood samples, setting a new standard for blood test strips across the world.

Here’s how to use EvoCheck

EvoCheck Usage Method

It might just be the most efficient one available in Pakistan. For people who need to keep an eye on their glucose levels, this gizmo seems like a must buy.

About PharmaEvo

PharmaEvo has come a long way since it started its operations in 2000. The pharma company has grown by 40% and enjoyed unprecedented success by prioritizing the development of quality, ethical and bio pharmaceutical products. During this period, the company has expanded its operations and added 1500 people to its workforce.

PharmaEvo is part of a renowned business group that has been around since 1971, with experience in distribution of pharmaceutical & consumer products. The Group later ventured into manufacturing of baby care / dental care products, pharmaceuticals, textile, food & others. Currently this Group employs more than 3,000 people.


  • 5 secs? i can check my blood sugar with on call extra which checks blood sugar in 4 secs and s very accurate and cheap

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