Apple Just Became the New King of Wearables in the World

Smartwatches may not have received popularity experts and manufacturers hoped, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from dominating the industry.

Apple Watch has outsold all the other smartwatch brands by a large margin in 2017, according to a financial report released by International Data Corporation (IDC).


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Apple Watch

Wearable Stats

According to IDC’s numbers, in the last quarter of 2017, Apple shipped around 8 million units.

In Q4 2016, the Cupertino team could only sell 5.1 million units. Apple’s market share went from 14.4% in Q4 2016 (behind Xiaomi and Fitbit) to 21% in the same period for 2017 (beating out both brands).

Apple Watch sales

Speaking of the yearly results, Apple shipped 17.7 million units overall in 2017 which is also impressive compared to 2016’s 11.3 million units. This helped Apple increase its overall market share by quite a bit, which went from 10.8% in 2016 to 15.3% in 2017.

Apple Watch sales

For Apple, the list only included its $249 Apple Watch. On the other hand, the competitors had every type of wearable included, like Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 which isn’t exactly a smartwatch.


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Out-Numbered and Out-Gunned?

MacRumors made a list comparing smartwatches only, which shows Apple outselling every other brand combined.

Here’s the list:

Apple’s Lead

It seems like Apple has completely taken over the smartwatch business with its best sales figures yet. As far as smartwatches are concerned, the competitors are nowhere to be seen. What’s interesting here, is that despite having limited compatibility, people still want to go for the expensive Apple smartwatch.

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