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Another Careem Captain Murdered in Car Snatching Case in Islamabad

In another breakdown of law and order in the twin cities, a captain of the popular ride-hailing service Careem was brutally killed on Tuesday at 10:35pm in a car snatching incident.

This is the second such incident to have occurred in the twin cities in recent past. This raises serious concerns about the deteriorating law and order situation in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and of the country as a whole.

Careem, as it did in the previous case of Junaid Mustafa, is providing support to the family of the Captain Sajawal Ameer and said that the whole Careem team will stand with the victim’s loved ones. In a statement it said:

“We sadly announce that our Captain Sajawal Ameer was killed last night at 10:35 pm in a car snatching incident. His death is a terrible tragedy and Careem mourns with his family and prays for Sajawal Ameer’s soul.

This is the second such incident to have occurred in Islamabad in the recent past. We appeal to authorities to take strict notice of these incidents and enhance efforts to drastically improve the safety of citizens.

While nothing can ever replace Captain Sajawal Ameer or take away the family’s sorrow, the whole Careem team stands with them in this very tough time. We will vehemently take this case up through legal channels. Due compensation will also be provided to the family. Most importantly, we will urge lawmakers to take note of this deteriorating security situation in Islamabad and immediately take steps to improve the situation.

Every member of the Careem family, Captains, Customers and Colleagues, are equally pained and request you to please pray for the departed soul.”

Careem has made it clear that it will take this case up through legal channels. It also announced that due compensation will be provided to the family.

However, the onus of providing security falls on LEAs. It is high time a strict action plan is put in place by them to ensure that our cities are made safer. These captains, like many others, leave their houses to earn a living for themselves and their families. Companies like Careem are providing them with options to earn an honest livelihood. The LEAs should make sure a safe working environment is provided to these captains.

In the last few years, Careem has made the lives of citizens easier through its services. Not only that, it has provided flexible earning options to its captains across the country, which is eventually leading to better standard of living and substantial economic growth. But, if the environment for these companies to operate is not made conducive, it’s a broader loss to the whole country especially the working class.

All users and captains of Careem are outraged at the incident and are appealing to the police to come up with substantial measures to ensure proper safety and security for these Captains and every other citizen of the country.

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