How Can Pakistanis Make Smarter Investment Decisions in Uncertain Times? [Video Blog]

The Pakistani economy is currently going through a tough time.

There are a couple of signs that indicate this. The Pakistani rupee had to be devalued and the growing current account deficit shows no signs of slowing down. The stock market is also seeing a return to uncertainty as investors have begun pulling out their money.

With the volatile political situation in the country, it becomes hard for the average investor to hope for the best. They start to worry about the diminishing value of their assets.

Noted financial expert, Amer Qureshi, speaks at length about this scenario in his latest video talk. He mentions some basic yet important economic measures that everyone needs to take so that their assets and money don’t fall victim to devaluation. He also explains why people should refrain from investing in the stock market right now.

To protect your money and holdings, Mr. Qureshi says that while the foreign reserves of the country are decreasing and the circular debt is increasing, the best strategy for investors would be to deal in cash. He advises about investing your money in banks which are constantly keeping an eye on the economic situation.

Another option floated by Mr. Qureshi is that in order to protect money from getting devalued, Pakistanis should consider converting their rupees into US dollars as soon as possible.

To sum it up. Amer Qureshi says that with the General Elections not too far away, Pakistani public should take these measures and minimize the chances of losing value on their assets over the next 4-5 months.

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