Pakistan Ranked Among Top 10 Weapon Importers in the World

Pakistan has become the 9th largest importer of arms, accounting for 2.8% of total weapon imports in the world. The report was published by a Non-Government Organization (NGO) called Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

China remains the top exporter of weapons to Pakistan contributing a staggering 70% share to total arms imported by Pakistan. Despite being the 9th largest importer, overall weapon imports have decreased over the course of last six years. Pakistan imported 4.9% of total weapons in the world from 2008 to 2012. This number has now come down to 2.8%.

Overall, Pakistan has seen a 36% decrease in arms imports during the past six years. The NGO states that the adverse relationship of Pakistan with the USA and increased international sanctions on the country due to its supposed lack of action against several blacklisted organizations could be the reason behind this decline.


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However, China’s contribution to Pakistan’s weapon imports has increased from 45% to 70% since 2012. USA’s weapons exports to Pakistan decreased significantly due to the deteriorating relationship between Washington and Islamabad. America’s weapons exports to Pakistan have dropped by 76% between 2013-17 as America now contributes a 12% share to the total weapons imports by Pakistan.


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Top 3 Exporters of Weapons to Pakistan

Here are the top three exporters of weapons to Pakistan.

China: Pakistan imports 70% of its total weapons from China.

USA: Despite the decline, USA is the 2nd largest exporter of weapons to Pakistan contributing 12% of total share.

Russia: The trade ties of Pakistan with Russia are on the rise with Russia contributing 5.7% to total weapons’ imports by Pakistan.

Pakistan recently set the military budget at $7 billion, however, weapon imports have decreased overall. Pakistan Army is also ranked the 13 strongest force in the world.

Top Exporters of Weapons in the World

Here is the list of top exporters of weapons. USA remains the top exporter with Russia and France coming in at second and third place respectively.

Top Weapons Exporter in the World Top Importers of Weapons in the World

India remains the top importer of weapons with Saudi Arabia and Egypt at 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Top Weapons Importers in the World

One point to consider here is that Pakistan does develop its own weapons as well. Increase in local productivity could also be one of the factors which allowed Pakistan to its decrease imports and dependency on other countries.


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    Shame on us

  • Aitzaz I think you should also have mentioned that the SIPRI report also mentioned that Pakistan has REDUCED its imports over the years by almost 30%, moving towards self-sufficiency. That makes Pakistan the country with the highest REDUCTION of arms imports in the world also.This is a MOST important point that you missed.
    Whereas India INCREASED its imports during the same time by 43%. The SIPRI factsheet clearly also mentions that the reason for India’s increase is that they have FAILED to produce quality arms locally, and have to therefore import from Russia, America and Israel.
    Whereas Pakistan has been most successful in indigenously developing the arms it needed previously to import and/or finding locally manufactured substitute (JF-17 and all our missile technology, as a case in point).
    Also the fact that even though we are indeed the 9th highest importer but there is NO comparison in the absolute amount of arms imports between us an India, which has imported more than US$ 120 BILLION worth of arms, while Pakistan just imported way less than US$ 1 billion last year.

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