Daraz’s 23 CRAZY DEALS Sell-Out in Under 23 Seconds!

The limited-time only deals went live at midnight on 23rd March, for 23 minutes. And again, at 4 PM the same day. Big ticket items the likes of the iPhone X were grabbed up alongside air-conditioners, smartphones, laptops and tablets.  

Director Marketing, Mehdi Raza, expressed his joy at the outcome: Our customers have spoken yet again, putting their trust not only in online shopping, but Daraz’s secure payment ecosystem. They demonstrated this trust in all of 5 seconds. Their resolve is clear: we want amazing deals on high quality products.

The obvious and indisputable takeaway from the phenomenal success of 23 deals is that there’s only way for online shopping to go: up, up, up! #JoChahePakistan !  

The Pakistan Day sale marches on!

Daily flash sales, brand vouchers and mega deals are still up for grabs through the next week! Download the Daraz app and subscribe to the newsletter for updates.


  • Can’t think of how they are calling it a sale. Pak Day prices are available to those who can afford specific payment methods. For instance, UBL credit card holders get a special price with 15% discount. Others get a lot higher prices. If its specific with some business partners, it should be called as a promotion and not generic sale.

    The other lame trick they use is to increase the prices of items and then give some discount percentage to bring the price to original level, where it was before this so called ‘sale’. Bloody thugs. Wanna know what sales mean? Try Amazon or Besbuy sometimes.

    • Bullshit is what i call on your comment. Sure not everything is “cheapest” because believe it they have to make money as a business. I live in saddar area of karachi and you can find pretty much everything for very cheap, i have researched many times and their sales are legit when you compare them to open market prices.. they have most authentic reasonable discounts on products.. I recently purchased a LG 32″ 1080p screen for 26k with warranty and hp 3632 AIO printer for 4k ..I bet you ,find me these products in open market.. ofcourse you need common sense and you can’t “add all to cart” and rely on daraz/seller’s authenticity

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