China to Equip Pakistan’s JF-17 Fighter Jets With the World’s Most Advanced Radar

China will be assisting Pakistan Air Force in upgrading its JF-17 Fighter Jets with top-of-the-line radar technology. The KLJ-7A active phased array radar will substantially improve the jet’s air combat capability.


The news was reported by a radar researcher of Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology in Jiangsu province of China. The institute is China’s largest developer of the military radar technology and is owned by the state company, China Electronics Technology Group Corp.


PAF Inaugurates State of the Art Weapon Testing Range With China’s Help

More Advanced

More than 20 Asian and African countries are clients of the radars developed by the institute. The radar is ideal for light and medium jets and JF-17 perfectly fits the category. Hu Mingchun, head of the Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, while talking about the radar in JF-17 said;

Our product will tremendously extend the fighter jet’s detection range, giving it a much longer sight that will help it detect the enemy’s aircraft before they do, and this is very important because in real combat if you see first, you fire first.

Hu further added that;

The radar is capable of tracking dozens of targets and engaging several of them simultaneously. It also has a good jamming-resistant capacity that keeps the plane away from enemy’s electronic interference.

The cutting-edge radar tech will increase JF-17’s appeal towards potential buyers as well. A Chinese aviation expert told;

The KLJ-7A will enable JF-17 and its variants to have a stronger fighting capability at a reasonable cost, allowing the aircraft to compete with or confront expensive Western or Russian jets.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and Aviation Industry Corp of China co-developed JF-17 as it is known as FC-1 in China. It is one of the most advanced and widely used fighter jets in Pakistan Air Force fleet.


  • And going with chinese tradition, it will start working at the moment you need it the most.

    • Like IPhone? Which is also made in China, or any of the latest electronic devices more than 80% of which are today manufactured in China?
      Stop listening to the propaganda of the west — China of today is not the China of 30 years ago.
      Today China is neck-to-neck with USA in most of the high-tech developments, and in fact within the next 10 years will pull far ahead as per US tech analysts.
      Google where the top 10 supercomputers in the world are today, which are one small indicator of next-gen tech development.

      • Rightly said!!
        And not to mention the recent advances they have made in Ramjet and Railgun technology which could change the future of warfare altogether.

        • Longway to go. You probably have never dealt with their ‘high tech’ systems, ask those who suffer because of these cheaters and their inferior quality stuff.

      • IPhone, whether made in China or Cheechawatni will be manufactured on same standards that are approved and maintained at Cupertino. They’d be foolish not to save on manufacturing / labor costs offered in China. Something manufactured in China is entirely different from something designed and manufactured by China.

      • Ever wondered why could Pakistan not use JF-17 in ops against militants in NWA and other areas? Would that not have been an perfect live testing of the a/c and its weapons? Why did they have to rely on 5 decades old US tech in shape of F 16s?

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