China to Start Complete Surveillance, Even Inside People’s Homes

China is one of the biggest economies in the world and with that, and rightly so, they have put a lot of emphasis on technology.

The recent development, however, is rather terrifying; China is planning to start a privacy-invasive facial recognition and surveillance network nationwide by 2020.

According to reports, the surveillance of urban residents will be carried out in their homes through smart TVs and smartphones.


Pakistan is Developing Its Own Facial Recognition System for Security Purposes

The reports also suggest that for this project to work out, the authorities will require complete surveillance and facial recognition coverage along with complete unification of its existing databases all over the country.

It added that by December around 40,000 surveillance cameras will be installed in close to 15,000 villages as part of Sharp Eyes, a nationwide surveillance network.

The name Sharp Eye is derived from a local political party’s slogan, the people have sharp eyes, which is based on eyes and ears of local neighborhood committees to spy on people and take notes on what they are up to.

Eventually, people would be monitored in their homes by police and other officials wherever there is an internet-connected camera.

An anonymous Chinese internet user said:

The social media platform WeChat has also begun issuing warnings to anyone posting messages that the government deems undesirable.

“The internet and our Smartphones have been under government surveillance for a long time already. A friend of mine in Anhui is under surveillance, and he tried to buy a plane ticket to go overseas, but he couldn’t leave the country”, he said.

“We can be placed under restriction or persecuted by them or asked to ‘drink tea,’ [with state security police], or placed under surveillance, at any time. Overall, it feels as if we’re not free at all.” he added.

Via: Radio Free Asia 

  • Chinese suck as far as the human rights are concerned. I am fearful for the people of Pakistan as China’s influence is increasing on Pakistan. Our establishment will not hesitant to follow their footprints in this regard. As we are already leaving in a security state.

    • Very well said. We are heading towards becoming a land of no sunshine, where only religious & state security fanatics will thrive. Rationalism, intellectualism & individualism will gradually suffocate to death.

      • yar i pity haters of religions. So your hue and cry of impending Islamization of Pk is ignorance at best. Do you even know that Chinese govt is Atheist? They persecute Muslims regularly among others.
        We are going to Chinese colony? Yes.
        The need agricultural farm lands, not just industrial land. This aspect is hidden from majority view so far. Our markets will be flooded by GMOs. And we will be exporting to rest of the world.
        Unlike your conjecture, Pakistan is not going to lose much in social terms. Rationalism and intellectualism and individiualism and all such fantasies are already rare species across the globe. We never really have had them in the first place like everyone else. So please stop losing sleep over things that dont exist. May Trump be your guide before you try to debunk me :)

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