Here Are the Revised Driving License Rates For Sindh

If you reside in Sindh and plan to get your driving license or renew it there are different charges which need to be paid to have your application submitted. The Sindh Traffic police recently revised the fees and the changes need to be noted.

Along with the necessary documents – including your CNIC and several attested photocopies – you will need to bring some cash along too to apply for to get a learner’s permit or driving license. The rates differ depending on what kind of license you wish to get, the class of vehicles of your choosing, and vice versa.


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Here is a comprehensive list of prices Sindh government charges for driving license related activities,

#CategoryNew Learner Driving License Renewal for Learner Driving LicensePermanent Driving License – 3 yearsPermanent Driving License – 5 yearsRenewal Within 30 Days of Expiry – 3 yearsRenewal Within 30 Days of Expiry – 5 yearsRenewal After 30 Days of Expiry – 3 yearsRenewal After 30 Days of Expiry – 5 years
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International Driving Permit rates: Rs. 1,050

  • including Rs. 700 direct charge,
  • Rs. 100 medical,
  • and Rs. 250 lamination charges.


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Fixed fees:

  • Rs. 250 Lamination.
  • Rs. 360 Duplicate.
  • Rs. 500 P.S.V Badge Forever.
  • Rs. 100 Medical.
  • Rs. 310 Correction.
  • Rs. 65 NADRA.
  • Rs. 38 TCS (Karachi).
  • Rs. 55 TCS Interior (Sindh).

For further details, you can always check Sindh Police’s official website.

  • Sohail Tareen

    Dear this is Sohail Tareen from Info Access . We are the software partners of Sindh Police for Driving Licence. Just need to update you that dls system is totally paperless and we require only valid cnic with 1 copy. There is no need for any other documents.

    • Abdul R. Bajaber


      Can i apply for lost/duplicate licence anywhere online? i just lost mine previous month & now willing to get a duplicated one.


      • Sohail Tareen

        Due to certain laws restriction online renewals are not possible

  • Malik Waqas Farooq

    “Quick Question – whats the criteria for getting international driving lisence – do we need a valid visa ?

    • Sohail Tareen

      Valid Sindh driving licence, valid passport copy and valid visa