Top Ranked WebHR Launches its Social HR Platform

Some of the most successful companies of today are making use of human resource management software to keep their employees productive, engaged, and appreciated. WebHR,  has been helping companies increase their employee’s productivity and engagement rate in a cost-effective manner.

No matter how big or small your company is, how you manage your Human Resources contributes to your success.

WebHR, rated as the no. 1 SaaS-based HR solution by Gartner (Get App), has introduced its Social HR Platform. This platform will help your company transform its HR practices that are better suited to meet the challenges of the technology age.

WebHR ranked no 1

WebHR has over 11 years of international experience in building and integrating core HR Functions, including but not limited to, Attendance, Performance Evaluation, Recruitment, Timesheet, Payroll etc. It is now bringing Social HR practices to its platform – helping employers and employees take advantage of its LinkedIn-inspired features. By using the Social HR app, employees can share their professional insights on the timeline and keep the company updated with the latest happenings all across the board.

“We have been using WebHR and share our stories with our colleagues and interact with each other. Motivate them and send them appreciation badges. It keeps my team motivated and engaged with the work in hand”.   -Mr Waheed Burdi (CEO Air Foundation).

WebHR was founded in Hyderabad, Sindh, in 2007, with an idea to develop HR solutions for a digital age. Ever since then,  the Pakistani-origin company has come a long way, and now boasts over 20,000 sign-ups globally in 197 countries. It has also moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley, USA.

key features of webhr

WebHR believes thats its willingness to adopt new ideas and its Turn-Key solution are the reasons behind their rapid growth. WebHR is also relatively easy to deploy, with your own digital HR solution activated in just a few clicks. To simplify processes, data can be imported using predefined formats helping you get up and running in just a few minutes.

Our idea was to revolutionize HR functions in companies by introducing a solution which would transform traditional HR practices. – Co-Founder & CTO, Mr Naveed Memon

How Did WebHR Come About?

The idea of developing WebHR materialized when two individuals, Naveed & Anna, realized that there was no SaaS-based HR Solution available in 2007. Back then, HR software was too expensive, with only blue chip companies or MNCs able to afford it.

Furthermore, with HR solutions very much in their infancy, there was no guarantee that an HR software could help a company gain competitive benefits right off the bat, and that companies had to certify their employees to get the software running. Establishing server rooms with expensive machines was another challenge. It wasn’t uncommon to see companies, especially those in the SME sector,  work with piles of files and paper-based records.

That was the problem which Naveed & Anna identified and started work on. Today, WebHR is available in 30 different languages and has support for payroll structures in UAE, USA, Europe, Pakistan and other countries.

It is also flexible to use. For example, the attendance module has nine different methods that companies can use to mark attendance, based on their particular requirements. Additionally there are 27 rich modules with hundreds of analysis & reports being automatically generated. All core modules have an interactive dashboard which gives you a quick & detailed glance at your data and trends.

WebHR offers round-the-clock service in all regional and international languages. Dedicated teams have been deployed in Pakistan, USA and UAE to help customers get the most of its HR suite. WebHR’s in-house team also works as an HR Assistant for their clients with no extra charges. They not only help its users to set-up the application but also help them feed data, design forms, performance appraisals, policies and etc.

The company is also working on Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistants, integrating their smart capabilities with their HR software. WebHR was also the official partner of Microsoft during the launch of its assistant in 2017.

Our vision is to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) into WebHR. You won’t need to login and type commands on your keyboards. Just ask anything to Alexa on WebHR and it will give you the answer – Anna Naveed, Co-Founder

Deeply Integrated with All Popular Software Tools

WebHR is a one point solution for all your HR related needs. The software has been integrated with almost all of the popular applications in market such as Google (GSuite), Microsoft Office (365), Dropbox, Slack, Quickbook, LinkedIn, OneLogin etc.

WebHR is also available on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

The company has recently announced its support for Pakistan’s start-up ecosystem. It is offering free subscription for up to 10 employees in a startup in Pakistan.

We are here to boost Pakistani Start-up ecosystem and are always ready to play our part to support young and promising entrepreneurs in the country. This is how we will give back to our society. We’ll be offering free access to all our modules for startups in Pakistan.  – Zeeshan Abro, Country Rep- Pakistan

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