Slack Enables Voice Call on Chrome and Desktop

Slack is a team communication service that has made waves across the industry. You no longer need to make groups on Skype or go crazy finding for that one portable communication solution. Slack has made everything much easier. You simply add members to chat rooms or your work team, with Slack on your desktop, or on the web. Along with communicating, you can also share files, stay connected on all mobile platforms and even have integration with services such as MailChimp, Trello, Google Calendar and a host of other products.

So What’s the Next Big Thing? 

People still needed Skype for voice calls and that was probably one of the only limitation with Slack – which they now have baked in with their product. You can have a voice call with a specific person or group which acts like any other voice service, but here’s where Slack does something different – you get to send Reactions through a range of emojis to whoever you are communicating with over the call icon.

slack voice call

For now though, free users can chat one on one, whereas paid users can chat with 15 people at a time. That may be a slight disappointment but Slack wants to play it safe at least for now. It wants to grow the service gradually by introducing other features such as video call, screen-sharing etc; without actually compromising on what it was initially built for – a team chat room.  With this feature, you will still be able to integrate Skype and Hangouts, so you really aren’t restricted to settling for less.

Why Does Slack Matter? 

Because even though Google and Skype are the strongest options, sometimes, you really just need a bit of simplicity and a one-stop solution for all your communication needs. With integration options and an easy to use chat room, there’s much more you can get done in a matter of seconds. So if you’re a company or a team that requires constant communication Slack may just be the platform you need. With video conferencing feature in the works, Slack can potentially become the Skype and Hangouts killer.

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