Fiberlink Officially Launches in Rawalpindi

FiberLink’s lightning fast internet is now available in Rawalpindi. You can get a FTTH or Fiber to The Home connection with a Fiber-optic wire coming all the way to your home for an uninterrupted connection.

Packages range from 16 Mbps, going all the way up to 500 Mbps. A few months back, it became the first ever company to launch a 500 Mbps connection with the speed going up to a staggering 1 Gbps during the night, so you won’t have to worry about waiting for YouTube to buffer your favorite video.

Now all we have to do is wait and see whether Fiberlink’s connection is reliable and they actually deliver speeds as advertised or not.

Overal, FiberLink provides its services in following cities of Pakistan;

  • Karachi,
  • Hyderabad,
  • Faisalabad,
  • Lahore and now
  • Rawalpindi.


Fiberlink Brings 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps Consumer Internet to Pakistan

For now, let’s take a look at the data bundles that FiberLink offers.

Package Details

FiberLink hasn’t said anything about the areas that it will cover in Rawalpindi. However, the company did share the package details and internet speeds so let’s take a look;

Fiberlink package details

We will update this story as we get more info. Stay tuned.

    • Yes for Rawalpindi due to High Speed & Competitive Pricing

      No for Islamabad as no other ISP is providing Fiber To The Home (FTTH) services in Islamabad

      NayaTel is Expensive but Reliable and with Good Customer Support

  • In Karachi – Limited Coverage Area :
    We Want FiberLink but nothing response from them.

    Akhir Kab tak PTCL, Wi-Tirbe, Qubee Etc Ka Azaab Milega

  • Any user of nayatel , storm fiber , fiber link ! Which one is best among the three !

    • Depends on what your use-case is.

      Fiberlink’s 500 Mbps is absolutely amazing but the connection itself is very unreliable and often has outages which are frustrating. But when it’s working fine, it’s great. You can easily download 4 to 5GB within two minutes. Btw, the speed doubles from 2:30 am to 10 am, so you get 1 Gbps. Though apart from very large downloads (50 GB or more), I haven’t really found a good use-case for it.

      Storm Fiber has great reliability but it has pathetic 30 Mbps max speed, which makes it only good for a backup connection if they happen to be in your area (they have very little coverage).

      Nayatel, I have no idea about since they aren’t available in Lahore.

      • Kindly be the voice for those wonpaid them and never got the connection. If somebody speaks about it, they shamelessly send them legal notice. These kind of articles making your blog less credible.

        • Not sure why are you replying to me?

          Anyways, as far as I know, they always do end up installing the connection even if it takes them more than a year. I haven’t really heard from anyone that they simply just didn’t install the connection at all.

    • Fiberlink has the worst customer service. Otherwise its speed is the best. On the other hand fiber storm is great with speed and customer service. But expensive as compared to fiberlink.

    • Thanks all of you for your input , i need somewhat stable connection, naytel and storm fiber are available in my area, fiberlink im not sure if it has arrived at our locality!

  • My advice to users abt fiberlink dont go fr fr theyreally have service takes atleast 6 months to install with bad customer support

    • Better switch to Zong 4G. I did the same. 100 GB for 4000 flat. No service charges, no exclusive taxes.. Good speed throughout the day except for 4 hours in the evening, where they put bandwidth cap on all downloads. I get around 2.5 Mbps during the day

      • Ptcl is not very good, i havent heard good remarks anywhere to be honest. But I have been using it for about 4-5 years now. It did get slow when the submarine cables were damaged, but it is a fibre optic connection, and rarely breaks down. I got as much as 5-6 complaints since i have this connection and that’s an achievement for ptcl xD

    • I’m paying 4.5k for 20mb vdsl by ptcl. You should switch to the new freedom packages.

    • You are on old package. PTCL like to to loot customers, so they haven’t made any ads for the new hi-speed packages. Look it up on their website and change yours ASAP.

  • Don’t waste money in fiberlink

    Search online user feedback. Jitni sasti utni quality main khasti.

    Na customer support achi, na koi waaday pakkay.

  • Internet ki speed tou bht hi achi hay jesa kehte hayn wesi hi hay bas complain mien jo rolate hayn bht bht xada hi pareshani ka bais banta hay, complain response bilkul acha nahi month mien 20 se 25 din connection ON rehta baqi din kisi na kisi reason mien OFF rehta hay,
    From Hyderabad

  • I have used PTCL charji and telenor evo both are pathetic. Telenor evo is more pathetic than PTCL.
    Telenor evo speed 1.3 mb max and ptcl charji speed upto 2 mb max.

  • The worst network ever i seen like fiberlink. Waste of money. I’m using yearly package of 50 mbps near 6th road rawalpindi. Most of the time 0 mbps upload and download speed i’m getting. Moreover its very very unstable network ( network goes to zero mbps after each 30 sec).

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