NADRA Doubles CNIC Fees

It seems that the government has decided to cash in on the soaring demand for identity cards just as the general elections are around the corner.

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has decided to increase CNIC fees for all categories. Apart from that, the urgent CNIC fee has also been increased by as much as 300%.

A NADRA representative tried to justify the fee hike by saying that the government is reducing the subsidy provided on each card. According to reports, the government provided Rs 40 relief on each CNIC previously. Even then, a Rs 40 increase in CNIC rates doesn’t even come close to the proposed increase of 100-300%.

Let’s take a look at the revised rates for all categories;

Fee Details of CNIC/SNIC

Categories/Type Service
Normal Urgent Executive
New CNIC 0 1150 2150
CNIC Modification 400 1150 2150
CNIC Duplicate 400 1150 2150
CNIC Renewal 400 1150 2150
New Smart NIC 750 1500 2500
Smart NIC Modification 750 1500 2500
Smart NIC Duplicate 750 1500 2500
Smart NIC Renewal 750 1500 2500
CNIC Cancellation (Due to death) 50
CRC New/Duplicate/Modification 50 500
FRC 500 1000



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Fee Details of NICOP/SNICOP

Categories/Type Zone A (UK/USA) Service
Normal Urgent Executive
New NICOP 4250 6350 8450
NICOP Modification 4250 6350 8450
NICOP Duplicate 4250 6350 8450
NICOP Renewal 4250 6350 8450
New Smart NICOP 4600 6700 8800
Smart NICOP Modification 4600 6700 8800
Smart NICOP Duplicate 4600 6700 8800
Smart NICOP Renewal 4600 6700 8800
Categories/Type Zone B (Middle East/Gulf) Service
Normal Urgent Executive
New NICOP 2000 3200 4350
NICOP Modification 2000 3200 4350
NICOP Duplicate 2000 3200 4350
NICOP Renewal 2000 3200 4350
New Smart NICOP 2350 3550 4700
Smart NICOP Modification 2350 3550 4700
Smart NICOP Duplicate 2350 3550 4700
Smart NICOP Renewal 2350 3550 4700


Previously, the normal CNIC fee was set at Rs 200, which has now been increased to Rs 400.

The urgent CNIC fee saw an increase of around 300% to Rs 1150 – from the previous charges of Rs 300. The fee of executive CNIC (Teslin-based) has been doubled as well to Rs2,150, up from Rs 1,000.

Similarly, the fee for chip-based CNIC (smart card) was updated from Rs 400 to Rs 750 as well. The urgent smart card fee has been set to Rs 1,500 from Rs 800. The executive smart card fee was increased as well from Rs 1,600 to Rs 2,500.

  • Is there anyone who can notice such a huge increase?
    maybe Chief justice will notice and take some action, otherwise all the politicians are showing how pathetic they are damn care about anything except their own selves.

      • SC has its weak points. But NADRA isnt one of them. Recently, they barred NADRA from charging fee so much high as $300 (figure may be wrong) from overseas Pakistanis. When government is tumbling, every dept goes nuts and tries to gain as much traction/unchecked freedom/monopoly as possible.

      • So, you think Schools/Hospitals/Water Supply/Milk Purification, all are Political issues?
        Patwari’s need to use at least some part of their Brain before speak.

        • Over 1.8 million cases pending in Pakistan’s courts, even one inheritance case has celebrated its 99th anniversary.

          Instead of giving justice to people, CJP is busy in sticking his nose in other business.

          Should Minister for health visit court to push judges to resolve pending cases.

          Justice delayed is justice denied.

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