Sarghodha Man Jailed for 7 Years in Pakistan’s First Ever Child Pornography Conviction

A man from Sargodha has become the first person from Pakistan to receive a conviction in a child pornography case. Saadat Amin has been sentenced to 7 years in jail and Rs 1.2 million as fine after the court found him guilty of belonging to a child pornography racket.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested the culprit from Sargodha last year based on suspicions of him belonging to the gang. The agency also found more than 650,000 child pornography videos in Saadat Amin’s possession.

FIA conducted the investigation against the arrested who later confessed to his atrocious crimes as well.


Indian Whatsapp Child Porn Network Had Members from 18 Countries Including Pakistan

Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2015

The punishment was handed to the guilty as per the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2015. Pakistan moved the Act back in 2016, criminalizing any involvement in child pornography. According to the law, anyone found guilty of involvement in child pornography will be given a 7-year jail term and a Rs 0.7 million fine.

Child trafficking within the country was also criminalized as part of the amendment in the law.

FIA also drew government’s attention to certain flaws and loopholes in Sections 10, 21 and 22 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA). The Agency mentioned that government needs to review these sections as the world of technology is continuously evolving and laws need to be inline with it. An FIA official stated;

To deal with this, the government must wake up to its duty and equip the cyber crime wings with required technologies and address other areas under the Act to deal with this challenge, and also make required amendment to it (PECA).

Pakistan first introduced the child pornography act after a massive pedophilia case was disclosed in Hussain Khanwala village of Punjab.

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