Intel Delays Next Gen Processors Again

There is seemingly no end to Intel’s woes when it comes to its upcoming 10nm Cannon Lake architecture. Originally planned for the final part of 2018, the chips will now be mass-produced and released in 2019.

Intel is still producing the chips in low volumes and shipping them. However, it is still not getting the yields it deems ideal. It’s worth noting that originally, the chips were set to be mass-produced back in 2016, but things have been delayed massively since then, with the move away from Moore’s law and the introduction of multiple node sizes in a generation.

Behind Competitors

Intel still seems to be one of the few major players facing issues moving to large-scale production. TSMC and Samsung are already producing 10nm chips, with the latter planning to introduce 8nm chips and the former 5nm chips in the near future. AMD, for its part, might even launch a 7nm server CPU later this year.


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Intel claims that its 10nm chips will be superior in features to its competitors, however, that may not even matter with the delays it has faced so far. To help ease its woes, Intel is hiring former AMD Zen designer Jim Keller as senior VP of silicon engineering.

Apple Veering Away

However, with the Zen2 architecture coming next year, Intel might have very little room for error in the future. It is no wonder, then, that companies like Apple are trying to move away from Intel and produce their own chips for laptops in the future.

As it stands, all is not lost for Intel, which recorded a profit of $4.5 billion on a revenue of $16.1 billion last quarter, a jump of 50% over the past year. Not bad for a company facing its worst publicity ever.

Via Engadget

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