One of The First Female Careem Captains Murdered by Her Husband

According to reports, Nabila Kanwal, who was one of the first female Careem captains, was murdered by her husband over some “family issues”.

The murder happened in Ijazabad area of Peshawar where unidentified people entered Nabila’s house and brutally ended her life on April 28.

The husband reportedly confessed to the crime later on and stated that the couple had family differences which led to the murder.

Following Nabila’s murder over a family issue, her sister from Islamabad lodged an FIR at Phandu Police station.


50 Year Old Uber Driver Killed in Karachi

Careem released a statement as well and offered their condolences.

The incident involving killings of ride-hailing services’ drivers are on the rise lately. Just a few months back two Careem captains were killed in Islamabad in a car theft case.

A month ago, a 50-year-old Uber driver was killed in Karachi where police couldn’t ascertain the motive.

  • How come someone become a cold blooded monster?
    He sure don’t deserve a “Life”

  • Shame ProPakistani for a misleading title, merely an attempt to defame the Careem.

    • otherwise people wont click and its not good for the business. right propakistani

  • The things you can’t even imagine in other countries, happen in Pakistan. What a great fucking country to be born in.

  • its a Family feud which caused this brutal incident, why Say ”

    One of The First Female Careem Captains Murdered by Her Husband”

    and what it has to do with Pro-Pakistani?, you can make Facebook post, please Aitzaz show some professionalism this is not GEO.

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