WorldCall Telecom Earns Rs 114 Million Profits in Q1 2018

WorldCall Telecom has earned Rs 114 million in net profit during the first quarter of 2018, according to its recent financial results.

The company recorded a full-year profit in 2017 after a gap of six years. It continued to be profitable since July 2017 due to its improved financial health and a capital injection. Its earning per share stands at Rs 0.03 right now.

The telecom operator earned a net revenue of Rs. 709 million in the first quarter of 2018 as compared to Rs. 526 million recorded during 2017, showing an increase of 34%.


The company has undergone a major transformation with the exit of its previous sponsors.

Its restructuring has improved the company’s operating costs, which have been reduced by Rs. 45 million per month. Furthermore, its financing costs have been curtailed by Rs. 35 million per month.

The company is overseeing critical deliverables that were left unaddressed over the last two years through additional funds. The targets have been broken down into quantitative objectives with emphasis on productive utilization of dormant assets, enhanced quality service, while monetizing associated offerings.

Sources indicate that the assets possessed by the company are capable of delivering the desired results. Segment-wise, the broadband segment will undergo expansion by utilizing and targeting its own network as well as through loop holders.

WorldCall has launched its Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services as well, which will further add to the revenue of the company. For the LDI business, the company is currently in negotiations to acquire state of the art Switches.


WorldCall Signs a Contract to Acquire 250,000 WiFi-Enabled HD TV Boxes

Cashing in on the new developments in ICT technologies, the company has started to set its footprints in e-commerce and other business related IT applications as well. To quote any example, the company registered itself with the Pakistan Software Export Board as a Call Centre – to provide services for domestic and international clients. Its international call centre service has launched, with revenues from international clients starting to flow.

WorldCall’s financial burden is also easing. The liabilities owed to Oman Telecommunications Company SAOG and the National Bank of Oman are no longer part of its obligation, Therefore, funds available with the company can be directed for ensuring better operations.