PIA Stopped from Painting Markhor Logo on its Aircraft by Supreme Court

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently announced an exorbitant spending plan to overhaul the airlines’ aircraft. The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), on top of that, guaranteed an additional Rs 20 billion to meet the redesign expenses. The redesign included replacing the national flag with the Markhor logo on PIA planes.

However, Supreme Court is having none of it as it has temporarily barred PIA from removing the national flag from PIA aircraft.


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The Case

The apex court issued the directives while hearing the fake degrees case of pilots of several airlines. Rasool Cyan, CEO PIA, was also present at the hearing when the court inquired about the PIA overhaul expenses.

When Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar inquired what was replacing the Pakistani flag on the planes’ tails, PIA Managing Director Musharraf Rasool Cyan replied that the new logo will be of the country’s national animal, Markhor.

In response the Justice Nisar asked the MD, questioning if the national flag-carrier is so profitable that it can splash out funds on these ‘stickers’?


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Cyan told the that Rs 2.7 million will be spent on each plane in the PIA fleet for its redesign. CJP Saqib Nisar, in response, added that according to their information the amount stands at Rs 3.4 million. Cyan further told that redesign of one aircraft has been completed and PIA’s engineering department is doing the job. On this, the court directed to stop the process until further notice.

Justice Saqib Nisar remarked that the government has provided Rs 20 billion for the revival of PIA while the airline is using it to repaint the planes. The court directed the CEO to spend the money on improving PIA facilities instead of replacing the national flag with Markhor logo.

He also asked the MD what was his niece doing in PIA, to which the MD said, “None of my relatives are working in PIA.”

Justice Nisar also took the PIA MD to task about the delay in the flight from Karachi to Islamabad on Saturday.

“Please tell me why the flight was delayed for 1.5 hours,” Chief Justice Nisar asked, to which MD said that there was some technical issue with the plane.

The CJP told the MD that he will review his performance. “What qualifications do you have? What work is an economist doing as MD of PIA?”

The hearing of the case has been adjourned until the second week of next month.

  • Personally mujhe Markhor wala design behtareen lag raha hai
    Pata nhn kyun Chief Justice uncle “Abdullah ban kar har shadi mein naachna shuru kar dete hain” ?

    • Bhai behtar to lag raha hai lekin agar pait bharnay ke liye roti na ho to Gucci, Armani nahi lena chahye. Umeed hai baat samajh aa gai ho gi.

      • Well said. But these people wont understand that and still point fingers.

        • But these people wont understand that and still point fingers ?
          Bhai mera irada ap ki sulgaane ka nhn tha
          Mujhe agar Markhor wala design acha laga aur CJ k Abdullah ban kar shadiyon mein naachna acha nhn laga to is ka matlab ye nhn k mein Noon ka supporter hun

      • Ab agar koi Gucci aur Armani afford kar raha to us k pas khane ko roti na ho ye ho nhn sakta , Umeed karta hun ap samajh gaye honge ?

  • Chief Justice of Pakistan is super confused what to do.
    He probably purposely doing all this to make headlines.

    If I am wrong please read the talk reported by some websites between CEO of PIA and Chief Justice. It looks more like “Sheep and Wolf” story.

    CJ questioned him “What your niece is doing in PIA” (A more descent question could be, is your niece working for PIA, what is her qualification, when was she hired etc.”
    When CEO denied his niece working in PIA, CJ replied “ok we will see how an economist can work as CEO of an Airline”.


    Just wondering how Chief Justice can work as Chief Executive of country.

    • There’s something seriously wrong with this CJ. Close to 2million cases are pending in courts but this guy just want to remain in limelight for other reasons. CJ should know that charity begins at home. First we had about 55 years of military intervention and now this CJ with his shenanigans. Advice for CJ “19lakh pending cases wekh te apnia gallan wekh”

    • It is somewhat surprising that majority of the people having issues with CJ are mainly Noon supporters. Speaks volume.

      CJ questioned him “What your niece is doing in PIA” (A more descent question could be, is your niece working for PIA, what is her qualification, when was she hired etc.”

      Those same questions should also be asked from NS, if you know what I mean which you ll surely ignore.

      Atleast be friggin unbiased.

    • Abhi kal woh NS ko ‘clear’ krde to uskay saaray decisions pe ‘Labbaik’ shuru krdoge aap sab Noon walay.
      Har cheez aur baat ko apne politicial alliance k saath hi pata nahi kyun dekhtay ho tum log :/

    • Pia has negative income for many years. Was it better to spend 20 to change a design? It would be better if they polish their perfomance rather than a paint. Good decision to stop this “foozool kharchiii”

    • Image ja kar kisi editing tool pe change krlo aur khush ho jao.
      Tax payers k arboun rupay waste nahi kro apni tafreeh k liay.

    • Images never changes with change of colors and logos but with performance. Why don’t Microsoft change the logo and start making Lumia once again?

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