Principal of Cadet College Arrested After Video of Brutal Punishment Goes Viral

Recently, a video of an unjustified and unbelievable treatment of Cadet College students in Balochistan went viral over social media. In the clip, students from the Cadet College Mastung  were subjected to corporal punishment by the school authorities, and that too in a manner that was far too brutal and inhumane.

Once the video went viral, the police in Mastung sprung into action. They have taken the principal of the college under question into custory, after the Balochistan High Court ordered his arrest over the ill-treatment of students.

The Case

According to available reports, the college principal allegedly gave the go-ahead for the punishment.


A petition was filed against the treatment of students after which the court took up the case. Chief Justice Muhammad Noor Maskanzai headed the two-member bench comprising Justice Hashim Kakar and himself.


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DIG Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Aitzaz Goraya was called up to the court as well. The DIG told the court that;

The principal of Mastung Cadet College, Javed Iqbal Bangash, has been arrested today on the court’s orders. Steps are being taken to arrest all those involved in the torture.

The DIG further told that the students subject to torture had been provided with medical treatment. On this the court responded by saying;

Never mind the medical examination, kindly brief the court regarding the registration of a First Information Report (FIR).


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Goraya assured the court that an FIR would be registered as soon as possible and the court will be sent a copy as well. The court further directed the police to arrest all the culprits involved in the torture.

The Principal’s Authority

One student from the cadet college, while talking to the media, said that principal misused his authority to hand out punishments to students. According to the student, the principal’s son and a fellow student had a tussle. During all this, the principal’s son got slapped. The student added;

One of the students had slapped the principal’s son earlier so it was a revenge on the part of the principal.

The students further mentioned that former students of the college also tortured other pupils on the principal’s orders.

The hearing of the case will resume today. It is pertinent to mention here that the Balochistan government has already banned corporal punishments at all educational institutions.

  • That’s mean there is no system of monitoring. If this movie didn’t go viral, then no action could be taken.

  • This type of unwanted treatment with the people of Baluchistan must compel to consider upon the point of other way. DIG Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Aitzaz Goraya belong from punjab, principal of Mastung Cadet College, Javed Iqbal Bangash belong from punjab. Students are from Baluchistan. This sort of events must keep Punjabi & Balochi (Lasani) (linguistic) poits from Punjab to other province people. This whole story is upon viral through out the world and have been creating a bad thoughts against Punjab among the people living abroad.

    • Keep showing your inner racism. Do you even know that Bangash are Pashtuns, not Punjabis? You need to get admission in primary school to get some education before spreading hatred everywhere

  • Nothing new. This reminds me my high school days 1990s. and you know what, that was a well known school in the center of lahore cantt.

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