PIA Invites Prince Harry, Megan Markle to Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines, in what seems to be a bold marketing move, decided to send out a warm invitation to the newlywed couple – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – of the British Royal family to visit the northern landscape of Pakistan. Not only that the management implied that PIA would like to host them on their plane in case they accept the invitation.

In a heartfelt tweet, the national carrier reminded about Princess Diana and her visit to Pakistan, the newly-weds were also invited to have an all-out trip to the country’s serene northern areas. PIA’s tweet reads,

We watched the Royal Wedding and remembered Princess Diana and her trip to the northern areas of Pakistan, and we thought how wonderful it would be for the newly weds to visit our northern splendours as well! So Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, we are ready, just let us know when!


AGP Points Out Serious Irregularities in the Appointment of CEO PIA

Lately, PIA has been revamping its operations, the overhaul seems to have impacted its social media and marketing department as well. Take a look for yourself,

As we’ve seen and experienced in recent times, PIA is a sinking ship for quite some time but has been trying to regain momentum after the appointment of its new controversial CEO. The new changes do involve managerial and operational upgrades, in addition, CEO Musharraf Rasool Cyan also believes that marketing and cosmetic improvements are signs of ‘comeback’ and prosperity.


PIA to Soon Start Offering Flights to Ghuangzhou, China

Twitterati Strikes Again

As lively as always, the Twitterati does not hold back when it comes to dissing PIA, and other similar entities.


While the list of critics continues to grow, there are still some people who praised PIA’s gesture,

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  • Good gesture but please improve PIA for the public …..for too long Royalty , politicians, bureaucrats, and VVIPS getting full benefits …when will the common paying citizen see some payback ? As a marketing stunt it would have been great if PIA could have invited a normal newly PAKISTANI couple. Why British ? Why Royalty ?

  • Royal Couple should be seated in the Economy class to enjoy trip with other Economy passengers eating same food. If yes, please let me know, I will travel with them in the same flight.
    Azmat Warraich

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