Another High Court Bars Private Schools From Collecting Fees During Summer Vacations

Islamabad High Court (IHC) has barred all private schools in the capital and other federally administered areas from collecting fees from students for summer vacations. The court summoned the secretary Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) and the chairman Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) as well.

The court ordered the schools to adjust the already collected fees for the months of June and July.

Petition Against Fees During Vacations

A local citizen filed a petition at IHC against this private schools’ practice of collecting fees during vacations. The Court heard the petition and issued the directives after listening to all concerned parties.


High Private School Fees Issue to be Resolved Soon

The IHC’s order reads;

PEIRA is directed that all private educational institutions be restrained from receiving the fee for the period of summer vacations till next date of hearing. Amount of fee already paid by the parents/students shall be adjusted against the fee for the period after vacations.

The court learned that Lahore High Court (LHC) and Peshawar High Court (PHC) have also fully and partially barred private schools from collecting fees for summer vacations.

PHC had ordered the schools to reduce the fee by 50% while LHC directed them to fully waive the fee for summers.

The court will resume the hearing of the case on 20th June.

Punjab Government’s Orders

The Punjab government previously ordered all private schools not to charge any fees during summer vacations. The government also ran advertisements in newspapers telling parents not to pay any fee for the summer vacation period. However, no school in Rawalpindi or other cities complied with the orders and kept charging fees.

  • Muhammad Furqan

    What about Sindh…We already had paid advance June and July fee to this school Mafia

    • Adnan

      All paid fee will be adjusted in Next Month of Schooling Fee :
      You may contact your School administration for adjust June July Fee in Aug & Sep. As Per Court Order.

  • Muzamal

    Any Law Exist in Pakistan???

    • Adnan

      All Law Are Exist From Pakistan :

  • Muhammad Younus

    What a joke decision, what those schools will do, how they will pay the rent, salary other expenses the court say any thing about this. Schools with fee structure between 300 to 450 how they will manage

    • asif

      school already killing peoples by collecting the millions rupees per month and they are paying 10000-15000 fee to school teacher..they can pay everything no body should die due to this decision of high court, if our govt. can do a good work we should appreciate rather than jealous from it. there are some black sheep every wehere in pakistan

      • asif

        govt must also check what fee are school collecting, there must be fixed amount of specific fee for all the private schools like 3000 per month/ 4000 per month and no school can collect the fee than govt limits, schools are earning millions, billions and their owners have houses in acres. they live in acres and all have serious diseseas , this is greedness of school owners only, because one can not fill his abdomin , only land of qabar can fill the abdomin

  • asif khawaja

    we stopped the vacation fee and school stopped our kids entering the school and they dont issue summer pack for the kids, they said there is no order, this is just a govt. drama… and drama of high court every year, they said high court judges relatives also have private schools and they will not implement any thing like this

  • Muhammad Usman

    Is their any complaint No for extra charging and for Punjab schools which refuse to give any waiver

    • syed faiq raza

      private schools are doing nothing except minting money because of vacuum created by government schools authorities. if they really deliver why students go tuition centers, booming tuition centers are clear sign of failure on the part of private schools. This is big question mark on their performance. I strongly support that a strong statutory body be established to tame the private schools else they must be punished and taken of task. In less then two or three decades private school owners have become multi billionaire and there is no end. The SECP and CCP are required to convert PRIVATE LIMITED schools into PUBLIC LIMITED ENTITY under the garb of Competition Law.

      The school owners normally establish school in residential rented premises without employing reasonable capital, but start minting money. The current government regulatory bodies are HAND IN HAND OUT with them like that SINDH GOVT done on BAHRIA TOWN CASE Karachi. The school owners are required to pay summer vacation expenditures from their own pocket else close the school if they cannot do this.

      ALSO the admission fee they charge is illegal. All fee are QUID PRO QUO and in giving admissions they do not render any service.

      ALSO there is no rationale to charge caution money.

      NO where in the world schools or universities charge these heads.