Bahria University Asked to Withdraw Notification About Boys and Girls Sitting 6 Inches Apart

Bahria University recently announced a threshold distance of minimum 6-inches for its male and female students. The administration asked the teachers and students to make sure the distance is ensured at all times.

The rather “bizarre” rule caught the attention and a backlash from social media where people used words like “Insanity overloaded” to describe the university’s announcement.

In the latest development, The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) has urged Bahria University to roll back its decision.

Here is what the notification that Bahira University, in its campuses, circulated says;

All students are hereby directed to strictly abide by the dress code while in university. Instructions have been issued for the disciplinary action against the violators as per the rules. Moreover, Male and Female students are to maintain a distance of at least 6 inches while sitting standing together.

FAPUASA’s Demands

The Association has demanded Bahira University to withdraw the decision and work on students’ character building instead.

FAPUASA’s President Dr Kalemullah told;

This notification, and all such notification in other universities, should be withdrawn immediately.


Bahria University Wants Boys and Girls to Sit 6 Inches Apart at Its Premises

Tahir Malik, a lecturer at the National University of Modern Languages hinted at another prospect of the whole scenario by saying;

Maintaining a 6-inch distance is beyond my understanding; how will the university measure a 6-inch distance.

He continued;

There was a directive from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to form anti-harassment committees, but most universities have failed to constitute them.

Bahria University spokesperson Mehwish Kamran defended the new rule saying “there is nothing wrong with it.” She added that the specified distance is just the personal space that everyone is entitled to.

What do you think about FAPUASA’s demands? Should the Bahria University administration take back its decision?

Via Dawn

    • The lecturer who is wondering about measurement mechanism must be less endowed in manhood department. Otherwise, this 6 inch length is very much measurable without any scale.
      The rule was aptly made to keep guyz from harassing galz through b0n3rz.

  • Its good step by the University. Must be appreciated. All those demanding the character building are advised to keep shut. All must think that why this step was required to be taken by the Admin, of course, the bold seens of our educated generation have forced them to impose such regulations. Latoon k bhoot batoon sy nahen Samajty. Salute to the Uni Admin.

  • The distance should be increased to 2 feet and secularnian (سیکولرنیاں) should be asked to wear tent sized burqa on their tight jeans

  • Now that’s weird. Why so fuss about it? While studying Communication Skills, we were taught how much distance we should maintain between teacher and student, male and female and the list goes on. I assume 6 inches are meant to be symbolic and segregation is the main point.

  • Indeed there should be “students’ character building” in universities but this decision has nothing wrong with it. Its a good decision by Bahria University.
    Can someone let us know if “FAPUASA” had taken any action on any act of any university?

  • Sasti Aur Free Ki Marketing K Bad Notification Withdraw Ho Gayi.
    Ab Next Admission Notification main Student Focus to Bahria University.

  • Being an ex-student of Bahria College in its infant years, I am not surprised at all. Only they can come up with the weirdest of rules.

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