Bahria University Wants Boys and Girls to Sit 6 Inches Apart at Its Premises

Bahria University Islamabad is in the news after a circular from the institution went viral over the internet. The circular alleges that male and female students at the university should keep a minimum distance of 6 inches between themselves or risk facing ‘disciplinary action.’ It justified this move by mentioning that “touching of males and females is forbidden”.

Furthermore, the university also ordered students to follow a strict ‘dress code’ as well.

The university believes that this move would help it ensure discipline across the campus and limit interaction between two opposite genders in the premises.

Here’s the circular that went viral over social media:

Bahria University, which is managed by Naval personnel, has attracted both support and outrage given its recent decision.

As seen in the image (above), Commodore (R) Syed Hasan Mustafa, Director of Bahria University Islamabad has allegedly signed off on the order as well.

Students who are found violating this notification will be subjected to heavy fines as well as disciplinary action by the university staff. To this effect, all HODs and security staff members have been given the authority to ensure the rules are followed.

Social Media Reactions

As you may have guessed, social media had a field day with this notification, with many poking fun at how ridiculous the notice sounds.

What do you think of this decision? Do you think that its justified? Or do you that the administration should reconsider taking back this directive?

  • Better to paused the Education in whole #Ramadan & student considerate to Pray and EBADAT easily.

  • Pakistani Army( Ground forces, navy and airforce) has two types of officers. One are Ultra Liberal and the other are Ultra Conservative. One group is creating taliban and the other group is destroying taliban.
    So this circle is continuing in our country and in the end Pakistani Awaam is at the receiving end. This story is being repeated in Bahria university as well. One Brig Syed is enforcing one ideology while there were will be other officers who will be going against it.

    • I am amazed that most of the people criticizing the decisions, ridiculing the same have Muslim names. Have we even forgotten the basics of what it means to be one?
      Have we become “purha-likha” Jaahils, across the board?
      This is such a sad reflection on our soceity which seems to be growing devoid of any moral, ethical or religious values, and running at break-neck speeds to take off their clothes and join the western corrupt values, which are a shame on humanity.
      Ask the people living there what are the repercussions of that liberal lifestyle, that now they are dying for old times to return in the west.
      But since we are 100 years behind, we are chasing now what they reject today, but had adopted 100 years ago.

  • Don’t you think you choose biased social media reactions? Furthermore, you try to change the perspective that way.

    • Thats there (devious) tactic to show that they are neutral reporters yet subtly trying to tilt the direction of reporting in one direction; one can easily judge which direction the site and its writers lean in this manner and also deduce there overall inclinations.

  • Bay had bakwas article ha yeh. Sirf 1 zawiya pesh kia ha. By 6 inches they mean a decent distance. No instructor would be calculating the distance of course, but they will definitely be checking if they are sitting closer than appropriate. Please also show other tweets that are in favor of this decision. Aap na is instruction k peechhay chhupay naik maqsad ko nhi dekha, dekha to bus 6 inch wali bat ko. Please try to look into the bigger picture. Dont be so narrow minded. Ramzan k mahinay ma agar kisi na koi achha step le lia ha to please dont go into meager details of it.

  • This shouldn’t be a “NEWS” on ProPakistani. But they have shown their biases by making it a news and then showing tweets and posts of only one side. Though the devil is in prison in Ramadan, there are its children present in all types of media, trying to kill the environment of piety and promoting all types of sinful and time-wasting activities in this month.

  • Wonderful idea by the forward thinking administration, just wondering how the students will pass, let say a piece of paper between themselves if it less than 6 inches in length?

  • Administration of the Bahria University has actually given a legal permission / license to Girls and Boys sit near to each others which perhaps will not survive for long time.

  • Fire m Petrol only 6 Inc apart ? who are you kidding? students, parents, or Islamic orders of keeping men and women apart

  • Co-education is mother of many evils, but now that the jinni is out of the bottle its very difficult to put it back. First we are Muslims than anything else.

  • Once i was a fan of this website. Then you started showing useless news, that too without showing the complete picture. Its just not worth it.
    So don`t let the people know only the half side of the topic that you are posting. Its just ridiculous.

  • Totally irrational rather Rubbish!
    You cannot impose such restrictions. It is not your mandate to do so. Please say no to extremism.

  • This is just overdoing something. If you really caree for islam, you wouldn’t have made co-education. This is doing something and then pretending that we ain’t doing anything.

  • Good manners should be appreciated.

    Why we are following European culture.

    Salam to Non Muslim community who are coming to Islam.

    We are getting rid of Islamic practice and norms

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