Pakistan Bans Screening of Indian Films in Cinemas on Eid

Government of Pakistan has banned the screening and exhibition of Indian movies on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, sources have confirmed.

According to official document available with ProPakistani, no cinema across Pakistan will be allowed to show Indian movies during the Eid.

Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage — Central Board of Film Censors — issued the notification barring the Pakistan Film Exhibitors’ Association from showing foreign movies.

Notification said that move is aimed at promoting local movies on the festivals, a time when usual than larger audience is attracted towards cinemas.

Notification restrained all importers and distributors of foreign films from screening Indian films during the Eids. Notification said that this ban will remain in place starting two days before Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha till two weeks after the Eids.

  • hahah

    Awesome move

    • desi

      if everyone against Indian movies…wonder how cinemas get full?

      • Ahtysham Afzal

        Its because we don’t have any other choice! People like entertainment, they just want to be happy. Now we watch our own movies!

  • Adeel

    Normally bhi apply kar do bhai ye na ho k Eid k baad phir shuru kar den

  • Saitama

    If you don’t want to watch indian movies at least let others enjoy them :/ stop forcing your religious views on others.

    • striderstorm

      it’s about supporting our local industry why should we allow indian movies when they ban our artists and movies as well

      • Saitama

        There is no rule that says you can’t watch both indian and urdu movies. Show both! It’s not like people only have enough money to watch one or the other. Censorship and limiting consumer choice is never a good move for any market.

        We should not perform actions out of revenge. If india blocks pakistani movies then promote them in other countries. Indian movies are more famous in the west because producers spend their effort there instead of countries that are tying to block them. You should have a winning mindset where you focus on what you can positively do, not a loser mindset where you try to oppress others.

        • Jamshed Mir

          @Saitama say that to indian rapistan, absolutely support Pakistan Govt. initiative not only gfor 2 weeks but a permanent ban. Cinemas show foreign content from US and other countries no issue with that.

        • SB Tariq

          Dear dont die for watching indian movie here in Pakistan. Please fly to India to watch their movie in this eid. Whats the issue? People like you won’t able to draw clear lines b/t two nations. They wont allow our Tv channels and movies to let in their country and here ppl like you are dieing for it…you should be ashmed of yourself

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          it about screens madam. 3-4 Pakistani fims are releasing on Eid in Pakistan and we only have about 125 screens across the country to exhibit movies. majority of screens are in big cities only and there are cities which have only 1 or 2 screens. more number of movies means less number of shows for a single movie. this is the reason they banned bollywood for two weeks only. and if you still can not digest your meal without watching bollywood movies, torrent is always there.

          Let the cinema flourish and when Pakistani cinemas will have more than 1000 screens, you can ask any country to compete here.

      • I agree, when indians can ban our artists, we must ban their movies.

      • Ali

        We should not support the enemy in any way especially their movies , proceeds from which go to the enhancement of their Armed forces which are only focused on our destruction

    • what religion has to do with this?

  • striderstorm

    Great decision we should support local content which is way better than bollywood

  • Jamshed Mir

    Fantastic decision well done to the Govt.

  • essque

    The government should ban all sorts of INDIAN media being aired. Why only Eid ?
    They continue to violate UN resolutions and we’re so damn ‘baighairat’ that we continue getting this into the country.

  • Bilal Khan

    Some of the indian movies are of good quality
    which should be allowed
    other wise people will enjoy it on cable/internet/dish/mobile/cd/dvd etc

  • Good message to india, You will ban our artists, we will ban your movies.

  • Aleem Ahmad

    Nice move, I think they should be banned forever.

  • Jeddy Khan

    People have been watching everything which was and is banned. The government can prevent cinemas from showing Indian films, but they cannot stop the people seeing them by other means. Pakistanis have a mind of their own and the government cannot prevent the people from doing what they want to do. The government does not have the right to tell people what they can see or not see. It is direct violation of human rights and privacy. People who think this the right thing to do are digging their own grave

  • Irfan Ahmad Sial

    great decision also ban their entertainment and news channels.

    • Adnan

      Hahahaha LOL Decision :
      Multinet TimePas DoDear Hangama Etc all of us showing Indian TV Channels Live and Streaming Online Movie.

      RIP Decision :

  • Moon Pbc

    Maza to tab aye ager EID per Movie “MALIK” Har Cinema per chalay

  • Indian movies banned kardo or Pakistani movies dekho :-p wohi ghisay pitay actors mahira khan, Humaiyun saeed, Jawed sheikh… or wo bulbulay wali aurat, Pata hi nahen chalta banda drama dekh raha hai ya movie…..

  • Indian movies banned kardo or Pakistani movies dekho :-p wohi ghisay pitay actors mahira khan, Humaiyun saeed, Jawed sheikh… or wo bulbulay wali aurat, Pata hi nahen chalta banda drama dekh raha hai ya movie…..