Man Goes to Court Against Son for Talking to Girls on the Phone in Ramadan

A man, namely Haji Sadiq, took to the district court in Lahore to resolve a dispute with his son, over “talking to girls late at night.”

He had been trying stop his son for several months, and in the end, he had no choice but to take his matter to the courts.

Apparently, his son, Irfan, regularly stayed in touch with girls on his cellphone and continued to do so even during the month of Ramadan.

He did not listen to his fathers orders, and lost track of his studies due to this habit. Sadiq took it to heart, the fact that he never stopped gossiping around even in Ramadan, and said that “Irfan is paying no heed to my requests.”

“When I asked him to give his cellphone, he simply refused which made my doubts stronger,” he said, while discussing the matter. As nothing seemed to work, Sadiq went to the Shahdara police station to file an FIR against his son for disobeying his father, and decided to let the police in the matter.

The policemen refused, they denied his request for filing an FIR which caused Sadiq to knock the court’s doors. Reportedly, he plead the court to order the area’s SHO to file an FIR against his son.

According to ARYNewsthe court will hear the SHO’s comment soon. Sadiq wants his son to stop such activities, and wants the court to take action.

  • mullahs should come up with a cellphone service that only lets you speak to members of the same gender.

  • I talk to girls all the time. We do dirty talk even in Ramadan. What’s wrong with it? mutual matter of two consenting adults.

    • If someone is trying to make things right, let him. Plz Don’t thing individualy. Socialy shaitaan” wants to disrubt the islamic social order.



  • Hope the father succeeds. Most won´t stop their own, but will stop others. Guess the perverted boy needs a little extra circumcision.

    • Just get the boy married. Problem solved! If he isn’t doing it with his wife then he’s doing it with someone else’ wife. Lol

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