Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Leaks Show Snapdragon 710 & Exceptional AI Camera

Xiaomi is set to launch its latest flagship phone tomorrow and for the first time, the company is splitting it into two variants, namely Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE.

Mi 8 SE is not a special version, it’s actually the “lite” version of the Mi 8 with slightly lower-end hardware. Reportedly, it will run Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 71o SoC that supports hardware-level machine learning and high tier performance.

If you are someone who wants the complete flagship package, the Mi 8 has the latest Snapdragon 845 to compete with the likes of Galaxy S9+ and the flagships to come.

The company hasn’t officially confirmed it yet, the news related to Mi 8 SE getting a Snapdragon 710 comes from a leaked image that surfaced on Weibo.

World’s First Snapdragon 710-Smartphone

If it does indeed come with this SoC, Mi 8 SE will be the first Snapdragon 710-powered smartphone. Here’s the leaked photo,

The Mi 8 SE poster also explicitly highlights “AI photography”, it might work much better than most midrange phones with AI-enabled selfies because this one has hardware-level AI functionality thanks to the new SoC.

The new Snapdragon 710 was recently launched by Qualcomm, and its performance stats lie somewhere in between the 660 and 835/845 chipsets. Note that 660 has been the most powerful midrange SoC for now, before the launch of the 710 at least. Qualcomm is looking to blur the line between flagships and standard midrangers with the 700 series.

Best Midranger Ever?

It also features inherent AR compatibility, so we can expect it to support the same iPhone-like “Animojis” – that will also come with the Mi 8. This also means that it will support Google’s AR Core apps, so its safe to say that the Mi 8 SE might become the best midranger launched so far.

Most of Mi 8’s specifications have already been leaked, the company is yet to announce what the Mi 8 SE will come with. Stay tuned for updates related to Xiaomi’s Shenzen event, scheduled for tomorrow (31 May), in which the company will unveil Mi 8, Mi 8 SE (probably), and the MIUI 10.

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